11/7/2016 - The Science of Trade Marketing - Issue 1: Introduction and Strategy
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What Is Trade Marketing?

We better fully grasp this answered before we go further. Although it has similar processes, Trade Marketing is distinct from Brand Marketing in an exceedingly important way. Trade Marketing is focused on marketing for your supply chain as an alternative to to consumers. Quite simply, it's the method that you advertise your products and services to the usage that will accessibility to the end individuals who your Brand team is intending to draw in. Trade Marketing creates access and distribution.

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Significance of a Trade Strategy

In too many companies, the Trade Strategy contains hiring some salespeople and permitting them to run around promoting to the customers or prospects that can take a scheduled appointment. Even though this is sure to get results, they won't necessarily do great ones and it is an exceptionally inefficient model to check out. In case your resources are unlimited, of course flounder about. For those of us having a budget, however, it is advisable to formulate a strategy

There are many key components with an effective Trade Strategy including Trade Communications, Trade Events, Trade Programs and Trade Coverage. With this article series, we will concentrate on the most crucial component, Trade Coverage, along with the associated processes. I refer to it the most crucial because it necessitates the bulk of the resource time for all of your sales structure. The 2 reasons this really is essential is because 1) they represent an extremely large area of the SG&A dollars for just about any organization, and a pair of) they represent the whole communication and relationship pipeline to all or any your customer and prospects. Achievable much at risk, you better make an effort to set things right ..

Pieces of Your Strategy

When folks hear strategy they start contemplating an intricate scheme that is to be the silver bullet their organization uses to slay competition. You better think again. There aren't any silver bullets along with the simpler your strategy is the higher. Greater complex your strategy provides the more difficult it becomes to be aware of, communicate and implement. Choose a simple strategy and stick with it.

That being said, listed below are principle aspects of a fairly easy Trade Strategy.

That are You Gonna Call On - This is actually the concept of your universe. It's a report on attributes rather than listing of actual customers or prospects. It would comprise of the geography, channel, type (e.g. wholesale or retail), etc.
Who's going To To them - This is actually the concise explaination your Customer Touch Points and procedures. It might include options like field sales reps, telesales/telemarketing reps, customer care or technical reps and management structure.
How Are You Likely to Contact Them - This is actually the concept of your Sales and/or Call Process. It would include options say for example a specific selling methodology or step-by-step process in making an appointment.
When Can you Ask Them - This is the definition of your call prioritization as opposed to a period or year. In essence, this can be a prioritization or ranking of customer attributes which might be most important to you.
Next Steps

That almost seems too easy, don't you think? Actually, it can be pretty an easy task to develop a Trade Strategy. The problem lies in both implementing it and in keeping the complete organization aligned by using it. Now, you would like to document your strategy and communicate it to key stakeholders. Came from here you'd start working on the next step with your Trade Marketing planning, Customer Census.

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