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    1/15/2006 - Teen Drinking And Those Above The Law
    Posted in Current Events

    I'm sure that by now, many have heard or read about the third encounter of the Lohan kind at a strip club called Scores. Seems like Lindsay Lohan and her new partner in crime, Kate Moss, went in the strip club with friends and after downing some beer, vodka and strawberry Kamakazes and having dancers give them lap dancers, the two ended up pole dancing!


    The drunk patrons thought it was sexy and erotic, and although no clothing was removed their was touching, kissing and grinding. At one point Lindsay asked for a sharp instrument, went in the ladies room and began writing not so flattering words about Scarlette Johansson, including calling her a c**t!



    It's kind of funny that not one law enforcement agency launched an investigation of Scores for serving alcohol to a minor, with Lohan being 19 in a state where the legal age is 21. One should ask, Who proofed her? Who served her? And Moss who was apparently 'lit' got behind the wheel and drove more than likely under the influence or while intoxicated.


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