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    7/22/2006 - Hillary Wants To Protect Kids...from brain implants!
    Posted in Humor

    Yes, that useless carpetbagger who represents what was once the Great Empire State, is again concerned with advertising polluting the minds of your children. Advertisers would put a chip in kid's brains to sell product, seems to be the new motto by the target of a right winged conspiracy. Many, who are in touch with the real world, have known that advertisers have been using effective and exploitive messages since the first ad in a paper or magazine appeared.


    The chip was planted some time ago. Circa the 1940s TV shows ran products that could not be picked up by the naked eye. Their goal was to manipulate the subconscious mind. Must have worked since people without a dog were buying Gravy Train!


    Madison Avenue has been using sneaky ways to get you to shop and buy long before Hillary polluted our fair earth. I guess I'm stuck with this carpetbagger because she really wouldn't make a good president. Like Geraldine Ferraro, when push comes to shove, it will be the women who vote against her! Yeah, they were solidarity with Mondale/ Ferraro, too!


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