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    7/27/2006 - The Ever Changing World
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    Even as I write this blog news can change quickly involving the Middle East and Beyond. Yesterday I read about how the ideologies of Hezbollah are different from al-Qaeda. Even Hamas would be easier to align with al-Qaeda than Hezbollah. The difference: Sunni and Shiites. At first it was thought that the aligning of al-Qaeda and Hezbollah would never happen. Al-Qaeda ordered the destruction and killing of Shiites in Iraq.


    Hezbollah also seemed to steal al-Qaeda's admiration and thunder. This was the article yesterday:


    Today as if on cue, Ayman al Zawahiri, al-Qaeda #2, has appeared in a video to not only support Hezbollah, but to ask Muslims to reclaim and dominate the land from Spain to Iraq. Zawahiri may pretend not to have known of Eurabia as slowly but surely, have taken over.


    Then in the Gaza front you have the PA President saying that the Israeli soldier will be released soon.


    Then of course you have Hamas' response saying that he will not be released soon!,,2-10-2075_1974528,00.html


    This doubletalk is what I have come to expect from all terrorist factions.


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