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    8/6/2006 - What Can Go Wrong?

    Out of six GOP candidates there always has to be one fanatical among them. I seldom like to discuss politics because your views are your views and I don't expect to change your mind. Same goes with me. I am not someone who follows any political doctrine as law, I do have a freewill and exercise it freely!


    Regardless what the candidates say or the rhetoric they embark on, one stands out. Duncan Bremer has a way to finally bring peace to the middle east. Can it work? I'm pretty skeptical! From the article:


    Bremer, a former El Paso County commissioner, said the war against fanatical fundamentalist Islam should be fought on two fronts: militarily and religiously.

    "There's an aspect of it that people are not willing to talk about, and I am - its religious basis. ... Our best hope is that we actually convert them away from their religious fanatical basis," Bremer said.

    He said that would best be accomplished by missionaries of various faiths.

    "I'd prefer that they get converted to evangelical Christianity, but my point is that there is a religious battleground and our government is disabled from fighting on that battleground," Bremer said.


    Now what can possibly go wrong with his outlook???




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