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What is CBD?


CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid containing little psychoactive effect when compared to the more well-known cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD, a naturally-occurring constituent from the industrial hemp plant, promotes and props up nutritional health of getting older bodies. Source: US Government patent#6,630,507 “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” The CBD from hemp plants and cannabis vegetation is chemically identical but CBD oil from hemp plants contain far fewer trace quantities of THC.

Is CBD Legal?

Hemp CBD

Hemp made up of virtually no THC and its merchandise is legal to import and then sell on in the usa. , nor demand a prescription to acquire or consume, using a 2003 Federal lawsuit called Hemp Industries Association, et al, v. Drug Enforcement Administration, 333 F.3d 1082 (9th Cir. 2003) (“Hemp Indus.), the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling (2004), 2014 US Farm Bill, and up to date FDA letters.


9th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling (2004)


From the 2004 9th Circuit Court ruling involving the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) along with the Usa Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), a legal court ruled that constituents contained within “industrial” hemp were naturally sourced and outside the regulatory scope from the DEA and the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).


The Agricultural Act of 2014


Typically called the “2014 Farm Bill”, enacted through the US Congress in 2014 defines “industrial hemp” as “the plant Cannabis sativa L. and then for any a part of such plant, whether growing or otherwise, having a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of only 0.3 percent on the dry weight basis.” 7 USC § 7606(b)(2).


Unlike FDA approved medication, that are new compounds developed and patented by drug companies and proceed through rigorous clinical trials before reaching the market industry, which enable it to simply be administered with a prescription; hemp extracts are a botanically derived, whole plant extract that exists organically anyway. The Nutritional supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 explicitly defines ‘supplements’ as a possible extract of an botanical, and so, does not require a prescription.


Industrial hemp extract is really a botanical extract that falls from the meaning of hemp as based on the 2014 Farm Bill, made legal to showcase in the US from the 2004 9th Circuit Court ruling.

Simply what does CBD do?


Because CBD is now not authorized by the FDA for that diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease, it really is illegal to promote becoming an unapproved new drug. Thus, CBD products we supply are certainly not sold to cure, prevent, or treat any disease. However, we urge customers to do extensive research in order to make informed decisions on supplements they choose. Resources many find helpful include:


 the wikipedia entry on Cannabidiol

 the National Cancer Institute

 Project CBD

 and PubMed.gov, that contains ample research about the results of CBD. As one amongst many examples, preliminary findings because of this recent study secure the use of CBD as being a potential harm reduction tool for nicotine addiction.


CBD been specifically found to counteract less desirable results of certain cannabis strains and concentrates such as drowsiness and paranoia. Like many substances, effective doses of CBD depends on the average person, but based on a study published in Current Drug Safety, CBD “does not obstruct several psychomotor and psychological functions” which is “well tolerated and safe” even at high doses. At least one study found 200 mg to be the maximum dose of CBD that may be vaporized efficiently, with higher doses producing a saturation effect. In order to avoid waste and also to get the most value from CBD products, we recommend experimenting by starting low and gradually increasing amounts until through self-assessment you've reached the optimum dosage for you personally. Similar to vitamins and minerals, CBD is ideal when used consistently to increase levels absorbed within the body. As with other cannabinoids for example THC, CBD products may well not immediately make a splash initially they’re used.

What CBD method is ideal for me?


The suitable CBD medium differs from the others to every person and what they’re treating. For example, those with muscle and/or skin ailments might find CBD in topical ointment form to become most effective since it is true directly on points of pain or inflammation. However, creams might be expensive considering that the CBD can often be combined with other high quality therapeutic ingredients and so are less efficient for ailments outside the section of application.


Those who seek absorption of CBD throughout the body usually smoke it as being an important part of a medicinal cannabis strain or ingest it orally. Though smoking is a great and fast-acting intake method, offers the features of a complete entourage effect, and can give you a comforting ritual, one problem (especially for those that have ailments affecting the lungs and asthmatic) may be the harsh sensation of inhaling smoke made up of poisons for example benzyprene. Though we believe cannabis must be legal everywhere, unfortunately laws have not trapped with current science and public opinion in several areas which makes it less easily obtainable.


Vaporization of cannabis and/or CBD vape oil produced from hemp plants is often a healthier replacement for smoking and is as speedily effective. The CBD vape liquids we feature from CBD Drip use highly concentrated blends so that less is needed to achieve the same effect with a other brands. Because it contains no artificial flavors or colors it may be vaped by itself for any stronger effect using a subtle hemp taste or added separately for any favorite herbal oil concentrate with little impact on the flavor. CBD Drip products are already tested by SC Labs, among the first independent institutions to specialize in your analysis of cannabis and cannabis products. The SC Labs certificate of research showed zero to securely minimal trace amounts of pesticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and microbiological contamination.


Other popular approaches to intake CBD include great shape of oral ingestion like tinctures, sublingual sprays, edibles and capsules. Effects readily available mediums may not be as immediate as smoking or vaping but such methods enable more precise monitoring of CBD dosage, tend to be discrete than smoking/vaping, are offered in several flavors and can be combined with drinks and foods.

Why purchase CBD products through Cascadia Vape?


As lifetime advocates for legal access to medicinal and recreational cannabis, we view our business within the technique of normalizing the usage of cannabinoids in addition to being a public service for that lots of people it helps. Though we’re unable to sell cannabis and cannabis products, hopefully to increase public acceptance of the life-saving and life-enhancing plant. There’s countless CBD products available on the internet but we carefully curate our selection by seeking out like-minded socially and environmentally responsible producers who use natural organic and GMO-free ingredients and clean extraction processes. Cascadia Vape places unparalleled combination on customer education through our blog, newsletter, store product pages and social networking channels. Though we’re your small business we price our products competitively and because we’re small we are able to offer personalized customer satisfaction, research and guidance regarding recommendations and troubleshooting for any in our products.

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