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12/10/2005 - *Ask the Soldiers*
Posted in Noteworthy News

My new blog tenant(s) this week are soldiers.  Yes indeed, I am very proud to have them here this week.  With my son and daughter-in-law both in Iraq as I write this post, it somehow makes me feel closer to them knowing the soldiers from ASK A SOLDIER are available to answer any questions I may have.  Have you ever wondered what its really like over there in Iraq for our brave Military men and women?  Well now is your chance to ask someone who actually knows.  Please visit ASK A SOLDIER.  Even if you have no questions for them.....leave them a message of support and encouragement.  If nothing else, just say "thank you".  They deserve every thoughtful comment and word of praise for what they are doing.  As you all know, I posted about my participation in the march on Washington to protest this senseless war, however I have always supported the men and women of our Military and will continue to do so.  As a matter of fact, I recently adopted a platoon from the adopt-a-platoon program.  Now, go over to ASK A SOLDIER and let them know you care.  Tell them I Dari sent you.  I ask each of you who visit here at my blog to remember as you prepare for you holiday celebrations, that these men and women are thousands of miles from home and family.  So please go over and say Happy Holidays to them.  You'll feel better for it, I promise.

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