12/26/2005 - Been a While
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Between the holiday and my mother taking ill I know I have neglected my journal.  A few things have gone right, though.  Money is always an issue in my family.  Simply having children and meeting their needs is, at times, something that seems impossible.  My father showed up at my door and gave me three hundred dollars to help with buying presents and bills.  It was a wonderful gift for him to give.  This was odd because my father and I are simply not all that close and never 'have' been, either.  We have been working on becoming closer and I think this was his way of letting me know he is there for me.

Christmas was good.  There was no fighting, there were gifts for the kids and I even got my husband two gifts.  My mother got me a new coffee pot and some other little odds and ends.  My youngest gave me a pair of earings and my son gave me a pen.  It was nice.  And we hosted the meal and everything turned out.  I made my family and friends gift boxes with fudge, cookies, and such.  They really seemed to enjoy them which was nice. 

I will try to get better about updating here. I am sorry I let it go by with the holidays but things got so very, very busy.

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