11/9/2008 - Ghost Hunting
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I have decided that one thing that I would like to do before I die is to experience paranormal phenomena...see a ghost if you will. My only other thing that I'd really like to do is to fly over an ocean. I think that me and my kids should form our own ghost hunting team. My husband seems all for it, so who knows if he will want to join in. I know that I/we should go on some 'investigations' with a readily available crew; a local group from neighboring Will County to get some experience. I'm also the type that would be perfectly happy to go along with a group, not insisting on being my own boss. It's a bit far...I might have to drive to some unfamiliar place..in the dark! Some of their 'investigations' go through the night and staying up very late has always had miserable effects on me regardlesss of my age at the time.


I found out that the equipment needed is affordable. In the 'olden days' it seemed like the equipment was huge, cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and was not portable.


This hobby meets my criteria:

1. I must buy lots of equipment.

2. I can buy two or more books on the subject that will probably contradict each other, thus adding to the confusion.

So, now we need to:

1. Find out what equipment to buy (there's that word..buy. yum yum.)

2. We need a name. I'm not sure that we should use our last name, the name of our suburb, or anything that would make it easy to trace us, as we might need to go to places where we shouldn't. The name should make a smart acronym--like TAPS (The Atlanta Paranormal Society). We can then design a logo (I know, that should not be left to amateurs) so my husband can print up some jackets or something.

3. There is no three.  Not yet.

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