11/12/2008 - Ok, Milia and Sasha Obama are doomed
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How wonderful that Laura Bush and Sarah Pailin are giving Michelle Obama parenting advice. Hello! Maybe they could tell her what NOT to do. Maybe Brittney can chime in while they're at it. Uck!  The Obamas seem to be doing a wonderful, loving job and I can't wait to catch glimpses of the two precious girls. Keeping CNN on quite a bit while I'm working from home, I've noticed something from watching the same few clips over and over: Milia (whom I understand is the older sister) seems to do a little hop from time to time. Reminds me of one of the Irish dancer girls. The only thing that worries me is that everyone tends to say, "Sasha and Milia". Shouldn't the older one go first. We always say my daughter's name and then my son's. Fortunately he isn't one to let something like that bother him. Those girls don't seem to battle like mine anyway. I could just see us trying to physically seperate them while still managing to face the camera and smile. Shivers!



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