11/17/2008 - More Market Day Madness
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It must be me. It must be my lack of social skills. Maybe I'm in one of those shows where everybody is strange but me. Maybe I'll wake up and it will all be a dream.

This career pta person will not stop. She notified me of a meeting she had with a principal after the fact. In fact, I heard about it earlier in the day  from someone else that she had told me. Of course, why would she bother to invite me to a meeting, why wouldn't I be the last to find out. I'm only the CHAIR for goodness sakes.


Today I couldn't keep quiet anymore. I think everyone else in this universe would either have put up with it for eternity or would never have had a problem like this in the first place. I went online and discovered...tah dah...she is my co-chair. If you are going to be someone's co-chair, don't you think you should many, um, mention it to them first? Who does this? Someone who would show up only in my world. I had mentioned some frustration to the Market Day supervisor and she told me that I am the Chair. All decisions have to go through me. At least I know that she's not in on the conspiracy.


I sent this person an e-mail just now. I said that I found out from the website that she is my co-chair. I said that I've had problems keeping track of who is doing what lately. I asked her to keep in mind that I should be notified of any proposed changes because decisions regarding the sale have to go through me. I also added that I need to be notified if any meetings are going to be held so I can attend. DUH!! Look for the fireworks to begin, they always do. I will end up quitting and it will be the happiest day of my life because I don't have time for all the work and I don't need to be a part of this circus act.


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