11/22/2008 - Years of Lightning, Day of Drums
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Was the 'special' they ran on the anniversary of  the u.s. president John F. Kennedy's assasination. I always cried even though I was kind of young to understand what was going on. I guess that is the perfect example of a date that everybody remembers where they were. Not me. I was "t minus 6 mos.' so to speak. My mother and sister got off the bus a few doors away from my grandmother's house. Or should I say, my soon-to-be-grandmother. A lady ran up to them shouting, "They shot him! The president is dead! Oh my God", etc. "The poor thing", my mother thought, assuming the lady had lost her mental faculties. A few minutes later she learned the unbelievable truth.


I don't approve of cheating on one's spouse. But all I can say is "Rest in peace with your wife and your son".

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