11/24/2008 - Completely Gratified
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Parent-teacher conferences and I went around smiling hugely--before, during, and after. (Especially since one of the Screentek PFE culprits was in the room, I think, and if it was her, she didn't seem to be enjoying the evening as I was. Serves her right for being rotten to me. I have no idea how her kid got into honors anyway, even with her money and her education as a teacher.) Nothing but wonderful praise about their behavior and their grades. Contrary to what every minute of every day screams to me, I must be doing something right. I"m not just exaggerating or being too critical of myself. Of course my better half deserves credit, making it a 'we must be doing something  right' statement, but I worry about me messing them up more than I worry about him messing them up. For now, I will enjoy their success!

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