11/25/2008 - So I'm a Picture-Tearer-Upper
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My sister called my father, sobbing and swearing that she wouldn't enter his house without his knowledge again. She said that she was looking for old pictures of us when we were little because she thought I would tear them up!! My father tried to assure her that I'd do nothing of the sort. Really, she was looking for the pictures in the china cabinet and a box in his bedroom closet? I'll bet they are in the front closet opposite the front door, where they've been since we moved in in 1978 or was it 1979? She also said that she's been avoiding him because she's avoiding a confrontation with me. Gee, then why did she do an about-face when she saw him with my mom in the day room before a meeting that I was not going to attend. My dad is there 6-7 days a week and I'm there one. That leaves 5-6 days a week where she could contact him and ask to meet him when I'm not there. She's been *so busy* because she is working two jobs. Oh really?  Who can get time off of one job, let alone two, to drive across country to visit your kid at school. The U.S. economy is in the toilet. As one expert on a financial radio show stated, we have to work harder now than ever in an effort to keep our job. Apparently not Carol! "Crazy...but that's how it goes".
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1/13/2010 - Where have you gone?
Posted by linaklutz
Hey girl! I see the last post was in 2008, I just found the time to start blogging again, and looked you up.

Where did you go?

If you have a new blog, send me the link...

Or look me up on Facebook, I'm on there now, hardly on MySpace...

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