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12/1/2011 - X-Plane 10 is out!

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X-Plane 10, (or shall we start calling it X-Plane X or even X-10?)

A while back Austin Meyer did an official presentation of X-Plane 10, the video is of very poor quality, on a very poor quality projector, but it is very interesting to hear him explain the new 'features' of X-10.

I think Austin was trying to make a point that the new simulator is very scalable, it will run perfectly well on an 'average' machines, but if you manage to throw more and more CPUs at it, it will run even better. 

I am not sure I agree with the amount of CPU 'lost' on cars and trucks, but I am almost certain it is an option that can be set. I much rather see a busy airport rather than seen a busy freeway leading to the  airport.

I have ordered my version of X-10 and I believe they have started shipping them out, (but I have not got my email yet). Once it arrives I will play around a little and give a proper review on it.


Go to their website and have a look, (they also have some pretty screen shots)
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