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boring day in hell

Well today i would have loved to put up a sign at our school that says Welcome to Hell take a number...BUT that would have got me suspended and all I need is to be suspended theres not even 5 weeks left all i need is to be suspended NOT...god i hate Taft...i am so happy i took a stabb at Career Tech. And i might have a slim chance of makin it but i hope kyle does to because school without kyle would be horrible!!! Kyle is my freakin best friend i can barly stand a summer not talkin to him...i tell him everything i mean EVERYTHING!!! every little thing that i have ever done.Man i am so bored and my back hurts...damn P.E. class....anyways we had an assembly today and the beginner band was playin and this 6th grader who is SEXY *my ex* (im in 8th grade) was playin his super sexy black guitar *drools* and me being the skank i am *not really* i was makin eyes at him...the freakin cutie but yet he has a girlfriend but he cant stand to look at me the way he used to when we where going out like the way he looked at me when he saw me walkin down the hall in his direction...omg i miss him so much...ANYWAYS on without the sappy mushy computer needs some work so i am gunna go (gay ass gateway)ttyl
       Much Love
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6:35 PM - 5/17/2005

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