Sunday, February 4, 2007 - Beauty Pageantry An Institution of Big Money Little Substance And Little Talent Just Another Tool For Bloated Male Egos
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With all the recent media attention  of the Miss USA debacle  and the recent interview of Tara Conner I just want to say that I have never been a fan of beauty pageants, I consider them silly and demeaning to women. They mainly consist of strutting, goofy catatonic expressions on their faces, no individuality or creativity in their wardrobe, and basically lets face it, their talent performances are mediocre at best ,and recently in many pageants has been left out.

In my humble opinion these pageants are all based on superficiality and looks practically nothing at all devoted to academic skills, its all based on looks and precious little else which I find disheartening, let me preface that I am not approaching this from a feminist man hating perspective but just simple common sense logic.

I also have a huge problem with a woman being judged by a panel mainly comprised of men and if there is a female judge its usually an ex-beauty pageant winner which I do not find consoling in the least.

I also find it extremely frustrating as a woman that a woman's net worth is based exclusively  on looks, I see this as a sad statement on society, having stated that I feel that women themselves should shoulder some of the responsibility and blame, there are better ways to attain scholarships and finacial worth, sure it will be difficult and require more work and energy, but it can be done and should be encouraged, I did it... and so have many other women. I hope I see the day that young women will wake up and and see that the more valuable contributions they make for themselves and society at large are based in intangables such as honor, respect for others, hard work, compassion, self respect for themselves, humanitarian endevors, core values, and principles that they stand by even if it means standing alone or being unpopular as long as they know inside their heart they are rightous, values that their parents instilled in them etc. those attributes are worth more than any tiara, thats how society should meausure a woman's net worth

Hopefully I will see the day that  there beauty dog and poney shows will come to an end and that Mom's if they truely love their daughters will stop living their lives  through their daughters and stop enrolling them in beauty pageants as young as toddlerhood, its demeaning and teaches their daughters the wrong idea of values not to mention the added unsecessary pressures of winning at such an early age

I really hope women especially moms will read this and weigh in with their opinions pro or contrary P.S. Do you think there will ever be a G.E. College Bowl for women? for the young you may have to google that, that was told to me by Grandpa...a male quiz show in the early days of television for young men to earn money and scholarships for college...of course we could not have men parading around in bathing suits acting goofy now could we? It's far too demeaning and beneath their dignity now isn't it?


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