Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - Castro Resigns as Cuban Leader

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Well, it seems like Castro's long reign of power has come to an end....well sort of...Fidel Castro will formally retire and transfer power over to his brother Raul Castro.

Castro, in my humble opinion could have gone out in style by allowing democratic and free election reforms at least trying to make ammends for his long reign of terror, death squads, communism and depriving the cuban citizens the free exercise of religion, but no no no Castro chose to remain as arrogant at 81 as he was in his 30's when he took power

Ironically, Castro wasn't always a bad person, although born out of wedlock and not being formally baptized until the age 8 years old which in those days was sort of a social stigma, he went on to attend and graduate Catholic School run by the Jesuits as an intellectually gifted student , went on to attend the University of Havanna, where he majored in law and getting politically active in activist groups

Castro went on to abandon his law practice and joined the death squads and opposition groups that were engaging in guerilla war against then dictator Fulgencio Batista

In my humble opinion Castro could have greatly improved his legacy, knowing his days are shortly numbered, by calling for democratic reforms, setting loose political prisoners, and allowing and calling for truly free elections, and most importantly the free exercise of religion, and making peace with his God. It is sad that Castro has chosen to be resillient to change and despite his ill health that it has done precious little guide him on a path toward humility and civility to his Cuban citizens, what a tragic waste.


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