9/13/2016 - Drama: How come Some individuals Enslaved by Drama?
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The saying 'Drama' is frequently heard and employed in today's world. This can be to explain something in the news or perhaps in a film. Additionally, it may describe what's going on in one's life or the life of another individual.

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Dictionary Meaning

And on the dictionary.com website drama is identified as: 1. a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a narrative involving conflict or contrast of character, especially one should have been acted around the stage; a play. 2. The branch of literature having such compositions since it's subject; dramatic art or representation. 3. The art coping with the writing and output of plays. 4. Any situation or group of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results: the drama of your murder trial. 5. The grade of being dramatic.

While you are looking at the saying drama, it will be appropriate to state that drama exists even without the peace and harmony. Knowning that like most things with this earth, one can possibly also become hooked on drama.

The 2 Types Of Drama

In the soap or film for example; the drama is usually more extreme compared to in the individual's life. However, even when one would discuss the average person's life; there is still a good amount of drama.

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This could range from all kinds of occurrences and outcomes. And what is certain is that one's internal experience is unlikely to be one of calm and serenity. The external experience can be as equally chaotic to what is happening the within, or more.

And much more often these days, it will seem that this drama is just happening and that you've no control of its expression. Because somewhere you have the drama in one's life and also on the opposite you have the attraction towards the drama from the lives of others.

Visible And Invisible Drama

What is happening externally is easy to see what is actually taking place inside another's mind and body is harder, if not impossible, to determine. This is not only true for your outside observer, however may also connect with the individual.

This means that ones: thoughts, feelings, emotions and in many cases ones own behaviours might have to go on unnoticed and away from ones awareness.

What's The Attraction?

This creates the question: what attracts individuals to the external drama? Through becoming engrossed and linked to the drama in other people's lives, it enables not less than two things to take place.

One important thing this certainly does, is allows you to definitely escape form their particular drama. And secondly by comparing ones drama towards the external drama celebrate an evaluation. This comparison then enables you to definitely notice that their drama isn't bad via this contrast one can possibly feel more at ease.

With regards to the drama is your own life, it really is just as if this drama follows one around. With no matter where ones goes or who ones with; it is usually there and as being a shadow that can not be removed.

The Drama Addiction

So whether an example may be running far from their unique drama or depressed by the drama of someone else person's everyday living, take real or through watching it in the media, there's an attachment there.

This attachment usually continues on from one's awareness and wouldn't make sense at all to the conscious mind. This also attachment is allowing the same habits as well as the same patterns of behaviour.

The Ego Mind

To be able to understand why something exists in one's life and why it keeps arriving, the ego mind should be brought in to the equation. And in what way the ego mind perceives the truth is largely through ones early childhood experiences.

And through these early childhood experiences the ego mind sets out to form associations of what is safe and yes it performs this through what's familiar. Therefore, no matter how functional or dysfunctional these experiences were: are going to associated with the ego mind as what is safe.

The wounded Inner Child

Although time may have passed; each one of these early experiences survive inside the wounded inner child. The old memories remain frozen and kept in the body and one will need on these again through regression.

Which means you'll still have the same feelings and patterns of behaviour that wounded inner child has associated as safe.

The Drama Experience

When ones experiences this drama in life and with it the possible lack of peace and harmony, there will be certain feelings and thoughts patterns. That feelings, behaviours and external manifestations will certainly mirror ones early childhood experience.

So what happens could possibly be different on the exterior, but wait, how one feels and thinks on the inside is indeed familiar that one way is never even thought about. And consequently with this; the interior experience is just not questioned or observed.

These feelings could possibly be: hopelessness, rejection, abandonment, powerless, worthlessness and fear.

The Hidden Benefit

On top these clearly have zero benefit, but for the ego mind and to the wounded inner child they are familiar and so safe. What this also means is that the ego mind has based its whole identity on these associations therefore when the ego mind would allow them to go, it would seem much like the end of their existence.

The ego mind also has all kinds of defence mechanism to avoid investigating its self and facing just what it would rather back off from. It does this since it creates pleasure and pain. Along with what happened all of the years ago in ones childhood would have undoubtedly been painful this also means the ego mind will do all it could in order to avoid these early memories.


So through defence mechanisms such as: dissociation, repression, denial and projection; all of that one hasn't faced will turn up in ones interactions with others in addition to being internal experiences. Which is why the same patterns will appear and why drama often follows some individuals wheresoever they go and whoever there with.


This shows how important awareness is. Everything that has happened in the past is simply continuing to appear, as it hasn't been expressed. From the ego minds tendency to prevent so what happened, one winds up like a slave on their ego mind.

When you're the observer of the ego mind and allowing days gone by feelings, emotions and thoughts to become expressed; you've the ability to see that there yet another way.

Drama exists as a choice or as being a potential; it isn't the only choice and is one of several potentials.

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