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10/21/2007 - So close, yet so far...

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Last night England played South Africa in the Final of the rugby world cup. And South Africa won it. Honestly I don't think that England ever really had a chance against the South Africans. But it would have been so nice :).

Yesterday the whole of South Africa came to a stand still, the shops closed early, the road were quiet.
For those of you who don't know rugby, it is like the Super Bowl week-end, or the soccer finals, (well, almost like soccer).

In other news, I have been been very busy at work, my contract is coming to an end soon(ish). So I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to JournalHome.

But I still patrolling as much as I can, I still delete around 10 accounts a day. I have no idea why they keep coming back, surely they can see that it is not working. But I gave up trying to understand spammers a looong time ago.
Please remember to report any sites you think is not a 'real' blog.

I am fixing a few bugs that were sent to me, but like I said, I am very busy at the moment, but I will get to it, I promise.

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10/22/2007 - Untitled Comment

Yes, it's too bad England lost, but indeed, they were never really in it... Still, I wonder what would have happened if England had been awarded that try.

Oh um... what's with the fact that sometimes I find the word Portfolio in the bottom of a blog (linking to ../downhill.php), and at other times it isn't there? Feel free to put it there permanently.

Edited by dutchboy on 10/22/2007 at 11:55 AM
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10/22/2007 - The try that wasn't

I think the try would have made a big difference.
but since then I have seen a few replays and it wasn't a try. What a shame really

As for portfolio.php, it is a spam trap, (see, for more info.

But the link should be invisible, you should not see it.
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