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10/26/2005 - Journal Home Contest Discontinue

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Journal Home contest has been discontinued due to the low response rate. 


You're asking how low?   Zero!


No one entered the contest.  Journal Home will try another contest in the far or near future, hopefully it will be more enticing. 

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8/27/2005 - ~ Journal Home Gear Photo Contest ~ 1st ANNUAL CONTEST ~

Posted in Contest

Tell all your friends, family, co-workers, and classmates because Journal Home is conducting it's first annual contest.  The Journal Home Gear Photo Contest 2005!


Click Here to Get Your Gear!

Submit Your Photo to:


1st Place Winner:  Canon Powershot SD550 - ($499.99 value) Learn more
2nd Place Winner: 1GB iPod Shuffle ($129.99 value) Learn more
3rd Place Winner: $50 Gift Certificate

The best Journal Home Gear photo wins the prize!  That's right, the best photo sporting your favorite Journal Home Gear!  Journal Home is currently accepting photos until December 1st 2005.  The winner will be announced December 10th 2005.  Please read the rules and email your photo wearing or displaying your favorite Journal Home Gear in your best and most creative pose or funky design.  But first, you must get your Journal Home Gear! Click Here Now!


Journal Home encourage that your photo theme be creative, enthusiastic, sexy, enticing, humorous, fun-loving, flirty, natural, original, adventurous, thrilling, casual, or any other creative theme you can think of.


To get your Journal Home Gear!  Click Here!


Photo Rules:

*  Photo must actively and clearly display the Journal Home Gear

*  Photo can be edited and reimaged but the Journal Home Gear must stay in tact.  Redesigns of the Journal Home Gear will NOT be accepted

*  Photo images, content, and graphics must be original.  Copyrighted and non-original photos, images, content, and/or graphics will NOT be accepted

*  The Journal Home Gear must be one or more of any item found here:

*  The photo should NOT display pornography or nudity

*  The photo should NOT display any criminal, unlawful, obscene, or unethical activity or content

*  Your photo format must be .jpg or .gif

*  Your photo size must NOT exceed 50KB

*  Your photo must be a still image.  Animated photos or designs will NOT be accepted

You must have a Journal Home account and must submit your Journal Home account username with every photo submission to be considered

*  You may submit up to a maximum of 3 photos (only the first 3 photos submitted per member will be considered, all others will be deleted and not entered into the contest)


All photos must be in by December 1, 2005.


The winner will be announced December 10, 2005. will be the sole arbitrator in determing the winner, but our decision can be influenced by visitor comments.  Journal Home will display submitted photos within the Journal Home Blog (


What should the Photo be or display?


The photo you submit can be anything as long as you follow the rules above.  The focus of the photo is the Journal Home Gear.  The photo must actively and clearly display the Journal Home Gear (no editing or redesign of the Journal Home Gear).  The images, graphics, and content surrounding the Journal Home Gear may be edited and redesigned but the Journal Home Gear itself must stay in tact. 


Photo Suggestions


- Rockclimbing photo wearing an item from the Journal Home Gear

- Parachutting photo wearing an item from the Journal Home Gear

- Hang Gliding photo wearing an item from the Journal Home Gear

- Sexy & Enticing photo wearing only a Journal Home T-Shirt (no pornography)

- A photo taking a sip from a Journal Home Mug or Stein

- A photo wearing a Journal Home Hat standing on a rooftop or cliff overlooking the city or wilderness


These are only suggestions just to get your mind going, these are not requirements and photos of the above nature will not guarantee you as a winner.  We are looking for creativity, style, quality, and design.  Natural, casual, and originality are also factors.  A simple non-creative photo can also be a winner, but the only way to find out is to submit a photo.  Submit your photo now!  You don't have nothing to lose!



To submit your photos for consideration and participation, please email your completed photos to: (include your Journal Home blog account username in the subject of your email)


Tell everyone you know!  Don't miss your chance to win these great prizes!  Go get your Journal Home Gear and submit your photo!


Journal Home

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