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I feel like the world is spinning faster than I am. I keep trying to play catch up with myself, though I am making progress. I got my paper handed in three days earlier than I thought I was going to. Even though my midterms are due this week, I am not stressing it because once they are done I know I will be on my vacation for a few days, with no stressing over the school work.
I have begun to understand the inner workings of the friendship I am surrounded with. The girls all know their boyfriend/husbands are flirting with me. The guys all know the other ones are trying to get in. The guy I am kinda seeing (though I can't stand him) is clueless to it all. THe thing is we all walk around acting like nothing is going on until one day, probably sooner than later, it will blow up all over everyone and then none of us will be friends anymore. Wanna know the funniest part? One of the girls (the closest one to being my best friend) is also trying to get with me. Everyone is convinced we are already together but it isn't like that. Yes, both of our children see the other as a parent. Yes we spend AT LEAST ten to twelve hours together. Yes, we are really close and super honest with each other. Yes, we are almost like the same person. But the one thing the others are forgetting is the fact that we are not swinging that way together. We just aren't. We have a very good relationship as friends.
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7:23 PM - 10/10/2005

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