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So I got the kids ready for halloween. Jamen is going as a Boobah and Sai is going as a cop. Of course I have to do it all alone because of the fact that everybody else will be gone. I think it will be good but I bet I will be exhausted by the time it is over with.

Usually I am really excited this time of the year. I know it is getting to be close to Christmas, which is my favorite. But this year it is just taking way too much effort. I do not have the money to get the kids the toys they want. I do not have the money for costumes. I have no money for Thanksgiving dinner. If anyone wants to donate to some poor people I would really appreciate it!!!


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10:16 AM - 10/26/2005

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My crazy life as a single mom with two small children. It is the perfect mix of mommy and smartass!
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