First of all, why do I sometimes call myself “The Wordplay Warrior”?

My life has always involved writing, more especially these days. Writing has been my passion, my true love. My work also involves writing.

Not only that, choosing words carefully and wisely in this real world has been more essential lately. We live in the social media era, where people (think they can) say whatever they feel like. It’s not just about human rights; it’s also about the consequences afterwards – whether you’re willing to pay for them or not.

May we always choose our words carefully...and wisely.

R. / WW.


Once I gave you the signs
that not everything was fine.
The same still happen too many times.

More than once I tried to tell you
this has been more than just my 'nonsensical blues'.
Still, you didn't get a clue.

All those years, I felt like talking to a wall.
Every word I said bounced back like a ball.
When would you get that wake-up call?

So I drifted away,
pretending everything was okay.
What else could I say?

Now you want me to hear you out,
when I've already guessed what it's all about.

It is time that you realized
there is only one way out of this:
Face the music.
Deal with it.


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