"WRITER@WORK: Chunks of My Life and Other Stories to Share"

Alright, first of all - I'm not sure just how often I'm going to write/post in here. I love writing so much that I'm addicted to it already, but I'm also very, very busy. I'm already working three jobs - teaching English, translating, and writing. Other than that, I'm also an aspiring singer, a book club enthusiast, and just living up my life the best way I only know how.

I won't be just writing about me now, but...well, we'll see.





I woke up this morning,
an urban zombie half awake.
I had no idea what I was thinking.
I only feared showing up late.

My fragmented thoughts
scattered and regrouped
like magnetic marbles on the floor,
as I headed toward that door.

What did I see?
Oops, I made a mistake!
I showed up way too early.
Now I'm rewarded with this long break.

What a strange way
just to start today.
What else can I say?

Maybe I'm a workaholic.
A lot can make me fretful and tick.
With caffeine-fuelled energy,
I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Now I'm going to relax a bit
before the real hours of my shift...


(written at McDonald's , Pasar Festival, Kuningan, South Jakarta - Monday, March 5, 2012 at 11:00 am)

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