If you ask me, I'm not really sure how I've got to nickname myself The Wordplay Warrior. I'm a poet, a fiction writer, a freelance translator, and a part-time English teacher.

How do I manage my time? That's always interesting. Sometimes I can, sometimes it's hard. However, I'm not going to give up.




My Friday went okay. My Saturday?? Well, here we go...
 I woke up early for my private tutoring in Bintaro at nine. I hopped on a public minivan after buying and eating a chocolate bar for...umm, my quick, emergency breakfast.:P I sat next to the driver - a hideous-looking dude with crooked teeth and one bloodshot eye. When we reached the fork next to the railway, the traffic was a bit heavy. Since I happened to be the only passenger left, guess what he did.
 "Sorry, Miss. I need to turn back," he said easily. "You can walk a little until you find another public minivan there."
 I sighed. Alright. Whatever.*rolls eyes* But then, he suddenly grinned at me and said, "That's okay. Just walk a little and lose some of your weight."
 What?? I glared at him angrily.
 "Well, I don't need to be reminded of that," I shot back as I slammed the door shut. His grin faded quickly. I didn't bother to stick around any longer.
 Then I took another public minivan to Arteri Bintaro. I got off there and an ojek rider (almost like taxis, but they ride motorcycles) called out to me and offered me his service. Not wanting to be late, I accepted gladly. But, by the time we arrived at my destination, he gleefully told me, "Give me a 15 grand, because my bike's been burdened by your weight."
 Huh?? My jaw dropped and I blinked. Noticing my expression, he casually added with no guilt, " I mean you're fat."
 No. Not twice in a day. Not another junior high school nightmare, please. NO!
 Long ago, I would've cried at that or just kept quiet, burying the hurt inside.
 But not today.
 "Want me to reduce your fare?" I threatened him curtly, showing him the money without giving it to him.
 "Well, I can do that." And hell, I would.
 "Come on," he pleaded, now laughing a little uncomfortably. But I wasn't joking.
 "I'm going to give you this if you apologize."
 "Hey, what?!" I barked. He fell silent immediately, but still managed his sickening grin.
 "Alright, sorry." But his expression translated the real meaning: 'Gee, you're so touchy, bitch.'
 I finally handed him his fare - but with my final word, of course.
 "Next time, watch your pipe-hole." Asshole, I added silently. Then, scrutinizing his own heavy-looking posture, I couldn't help but giving him the extra insult: "And check yourself in the mirror first!"
 For the second time in a day, I'd made a guy lose his smile. I turned to my student's house and marched in, hearing the motorcycle speed off. Whatever. With two, big-mouthed assholes like that in one freaking day, don't blame me for acting like a total bitch. Nobody has absolutely no right to say awful things about your body. Men and women - no difference. I'd call that harassment.:x If anyone has a problem with the way I look, then just shut the fuck up and leave me alone. First of all, nobody asked their opinion about me. I didn't! I also didn't say a damn thing about crooked teeth and a big bum!
 *deep sigh*
 That had almost ruined my mood when I finally hung out with the other co-workers at an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Japanese restaurant! But most of the other ladies thought I was brave/crazy enough.:P
 Hehe.*big evil grin*
 But still, I've been planning to straighten myself lately. So, I've just registered myself at a local gym today. No, it's not because of them. I've made up my mind since last month.
 Besides, it's about time, anyway. That's all.*shrugs*

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