I am romantically-challenged. That's nothing new and also for sure. I've been that way for too damn long, since I can't even remember when.

One of my old college friends came up with another more sophisticated term about people with my (mental? psychological?) condition - and posted it on her Facebook wall. It's called 'philophobe' - someone with the phobia for romance - or the fear of falling in love. She told me that she and I were on the same boat.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not feeling sorry for myself or anything like that. I can still be happy with my life once in a while. That's life anyway.

I'm romantically-challenged because:

1.I keep falling in love with the wrong guys.

2.I keep getting heartbroken and alone in the end. (Come to think of it, I'm getting so good at being single that I no longer remember how to let people in easily. Yes, call me difficult as you may please.)

I'm sick to death of this same, old sick cycle carousel!

Enough said.



My Friday went okay. My Saturday?? Well, here we go...
 I woke up early for my private tutoring in Bintaro at nine. I hopped on a public minivan after buying and eating a chocolate bar for...umm, my quick, emergency breakfast.:P I sat next to the driver - a hideous-looking dude with crooked teeth and one bloodshot eye. When we reached the fork next to the railway, the traffic was a bit heavy. Since I happened to be the only passenger left, guess what he did.
 "Sorry, Miss. I need to turn back," he said easily. "You can walk a little until you find another public minivan there."
 I sighed. Alright. Whatever.*rolls eyes* But then, he suddenly grinned at me and said, "That's okay. Just walk a little and lose some of your weight."
 What?? I glared at him angrily.
 "Well, I don't need to be reminded of that," I shot back as I slammed the door shut. His grin faded quickly. I didn't bother to stick around any longer.
 Then I took another public minivan to Arteri Bintaro. I got off there and an ojek rider (almost like taxis, but they ride motorcycles) called out to me and offered me his service. Not wanting to be late, I accepted gladly. But, by the time we arrived at my destination, he gleefully told me, "Give me a 15 grand, because my bike's been burdened by your weight."
 Huh?? My jaw dropped and I blinked. Noticing my expression, he casually added with no guilt, " I mean you're fat."
 No. Not twice in a day. Not another junior high school nightmare, please. NO!
 Long ago, I would've cried at that or just kept quiet, burying the hurt inside.
 But not today.
 "Want me to reduce your fare?" I threatened him curtly, showing him the money without giving it to him.
 "Well, I can do that." And hell, I would.
 "Come on," he pleaded, now laughing a little uncomfortably. But I wasn't joking.
 "I'm going to give you this if you apologize."
 "Hey, what?!" I barked. He fell silent immediately, but still managed his sickening grin.
 "Alright, sorry." But his expression translated the real meaning: 'Gee, you're so touchy, bitch.'
 I finally handed him his fare - but with my final word, of course.
 "Next time, watch your pipe-hole." Asshole, I added silently. Then, scrutinizing his own heavy-looking posture, I couldn't help but giving him the extra insult: "And check yourself in the mirror first!"
 For the second time in a day, I'd made a guy lose his smile. I turned to my student's house and marched in, hearing the motorcycle speed off. Whatever. With two, big-mouthed assholes like that in one freaking day, don't blame me for acting like a total bitch. Nobody has absolutely no right to say awful things about your body. Men and women - no difference. I'd call that harassment.:x If anyone has a problem with the way I look, then just shut the fuck up and leave me alone. First of all, nobody asked their opinion about me. I didn't! I also didn't say a damn thing about crooked teeth and a big bum!
 *deep sigh*
 That had almost ruined my mood when I finally hung out with the other co-workers at an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Japanese restaurant! But most of the other ladies thought I was brave/crazy enough.:P
 Hehe.*big evil grin*
 But still, I've been planning to straighten myself lately. So, I've just registered myself at a local gym today. No, it's not because of them. I've made up my mind since last month.
 Besides, it's about time, anyway. That's all.*shrugs*

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