I am romantically-challenged. That's nothing new and also for sure. I've been that way for too damn long, since I can't even remember when.

One of my old college friends came up with another more sophisticated term about people with my (mental? psychological?) condition - and posted it on her Facebook wall. It's called 'philophobe' - someone with the phobia for romance - or the fear of falling in love. She told me that she and I were on the same boat.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not feeling sorry for myself or anything like that. I can still be happy with my life once in a while. That's life anyway.

I'm romantically-challenged because:

1.I keep falling in love with the wrong guys.

2.I keep getting heartbroken and alone in the end. (Come to think of it, I'm getting so good at being single that I no longer remember how to let people in easily. Yes, call me difficult as you may please.)

I'm sick to death of this same, old sick cycle carousel!

Enough said.



The things that make me feel relieved today:

 1.I've survived my presentation last Saturday - in a good way.:D Although the movie file couldn't be opened (yikes!:|), at least they seemed well-satisfied and liked my demo.

 2.This term is almost over.:D YAY! After this, I'll have long year-end break until January 12 from December 20. (Well, except for the TE, that is - which will start again on January 6.:P) I'm still having FCE classes on Wednesday mornings until March, but that's okay.:) I like that class.

 My plans for this long holiday ahead:

 1.More exercises. No excuses.

 2.Getting another side-job so that I can still earn some money during term break. It's hard to survive only on one job in Jakarta.

 3.Writing, writing, and writing.

 What upsets me the most (until I feel like biting people's heads off!:x):

 1.AMINEF rejected my scholarship application.:(

 2.Our 'Dear, Beloved' Mr.President SBY has finally signed the legal document for...The Stupid Bill (UU APP). 'Yay'.*sneers* From now on, my country will be working on gradual to permanent segregation. Forget corruption. Why? The highly-corrupting government of this country is willing to teach and lecture the people about moral values - without having their own checked first. Wheee! We're not going to think for ourselves, because - with The Stupid Bill (UU APP) fully-supported by The President and The  House of The 'So-Called' Representatives - we are going to be forever dictated and told what to do about which is right and wrong. Why? Because we're still (considered) too stupid and immature  be able to tell the difference. The most horrible news is, if you're a woman - they only see (and treat) you here more as mere objects. Aren't we all dumb, brainless Barbies need to be overdressed so the lads won't lose it like all dogs do???

 Dear 'Kind' Sir, thank you very much for tearing this country apart. We could never thank you enough for such a banged-up job!!!

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