Writer@work. I often write that, either here or #writer@work on my social media pages.

In real life, I am indeed a writer. I don't just write in here. I also work as a freelance writer for a digital content company.

I also love writing fiction, poetry, and feature articles. You are bound to find more in here.

What else do I do?

I am also a part-time English teacher and a freelance translator. Other than that, I'm just living my life and doing my best.

It is all so simple, isn't it? Well, it should be. Why ruin it with unnecessary drama?

Oh, well. This is real life. You can't really escape it. The only thing you can do is deal with it the best way you know how.




Why is it hard for me to sleep early lately?:( And why is it also hard for me to just wake up early too?
 Okay, don't answer.:P Those two questions are just for me. Hehe.*giggles* I don't know.*shrugs* Maybe it has something to do with my not-so-common working hours. (From  one until seven - and sometimes nine pm on every Tuesday and Thursday.) Or maybe it was also because of my flu and sore throat for the past week. I've even skipped gym for that!:(
 No more.:| No more skipping gym, especially since I also need to recover from my illness and get myself back in (good) shape.
 I've also stopped consuming the anti-allergy syrup.:( It always makes me feel drowsy and automatically puts me to deep sleep. I mean, how can I be more productive during this long term break if I keep falling asleep?:P That was what really happened to me for the past couple of days!
 A couple of entries ago, somebody guessed that I might've been from the US. Another also thought of me as full of egotism and narcissisism - right after only reading that entry.
 Ha-ha.:P For person no.1, the answer is no. I'm from Indonesia and I live in Jakarta. And yes, my country's government is being keen on dangerous stupidity called The Stupid Bill (UU APP). You may check www.thejakartapost.com for more information about my country.;)
 For person no.2? No comment here.:P You can check my short response on your own blog.*sneers* Trust me, I don't want to start a stupid fight with anybody online.
 Anyway, I've attended two weddings in a row yesterday.:P The first one was my cousin Seto's with his long-term girlfriend FitriH. (Finally, they all said with relief.) Since Seto and I are the same age (he was born in December), I had to deal with The Question once again.*rolls eyes* But luckily, this time I've got my answer:
 "When's your turn?"
 "I don't have the answer right now, so just keep praying."
 There.*big evil grin* I hope I don't sound either too rude or desperate. (YUCK!)
 Last year, whenever I complained about that to Nick, he just smiled and calmly said, "Don't worry about that, dear. Next time they ask you that again, I'll give them the answer.":)
 *deep sigh*
 I've made the right decision, haven't I, God?:( It's for the best, I believe.
 But I'd be lying to you if I told you all that I didn't miss him at all...
 *sighs* Nevermind. It's no use dwelling on the past. None of us were really ready, anyway. I could sense that from the last time we talked. Like it or not, I've got to move on.
 Right. At the second wedding, somebody told me that I looked 18! YAY!!:D Can you believe that? That made the zuppa-zup taste more delicious after I'd heard that.*giggles*
 I just attended the last FCE session this morning.:) Oh, how was the speaking test, btw? Quite good, I guess. I had a little problem with my speed in speaking, I could do it in less than two solid minutes. (Only 1:30!) Nevertheless, I believe I've stated my point of view.:P
 If the next time the task is about "Reasons To Attend A Wedding", my answer will be: "To get free meals!" Haha.*big evil grin*
 Before I end this entry, I'd like to say Happy (Indonesian) Mother's Day!:D Mom's always the best.
 Hani just texted me, asking me to wish Mom that - because her own had already passed away.:(
 She's the motherless, but I'm the one near tears today.:'-(*snifs*

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