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8/31/2008 - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover...

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Close your eyes imagine me by your side. I can feel your breathe on my skin, your hands as they rub my shoulders and move down my back, something magical is happening. How do I stop this feeling, your getting me flushed. I turn and our eyes meet I can't stop it our lips meet omg you make me melt. I haven't been to this place for such a long time. I'm not sure I remember where this place leads to. I am not sure I can stop, I'm not sure I want to. Your hands touch my skin and a fire begins to burn on my skin. I touch your skin and the look in your eyes is soft and yet a touch of fire within your pupils. I can see myself in your eyes and I begin to remember what this used to feel like. I tiny shiver runs up my spine as I feel your fingertip trace up the small of my back. do I dare go further from this place? I feed off the hunger you make so obvious, the scent of your cologne teases my scences and only pulls me closer to you. Something I've gone so long without sems like yesterday with you here tonight. Our shirts fall to the floor and I smile as we fall onto the bed, any nerves I had you've shattered, tonight I wish I was your lover, tonight we will become lovers as our skin burns into one another, as our hands entangle  and we become one wild animals leaving all inhibitions on the floor. Yesterdays fears and tears are forgotten and gone, as you tear deeply within me, as I scream out your name and our breath becomes deep and in sync, damn I wish I was lover, and tonight I will be, leaving all inhibitions on the floor...
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