2/24/2016 - Why do you need the tow hook license plate bracket?
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Tow hook license plate mounts are a great alternative for drivers who don't want to drill holes into their front bumper, but still want to stay within law enforcement regulation. These adapters even give the appearance of a super sporty look that's both easy to install and affordable.

Tow Hook License Mount


Drivers are sometimes under the impression that the tow hole license plate mounts can be interchangeable between cars, but that's actually not the case. These are very specific products that have been thoroughly tested to fit certain vehicles due to the size of the bumper and the threading of the stock tow bar. There are even vehicles that share a similar tow bar so their respective license plate mount brackets can be interchangeable. For example, one cannot use a BMW kit on a Nissan, but one may possibly use a BMW kit on a MINI Cooper. To be certain, drivers have to check fitment to make sure that a particular tow hook license plate mount is compatible with their vehicle.

License Plate Relocation Kit

The tow hook license mount brackets are booming in popularity and are offered by many manufacturers. They have various designs, including one that has 8 different mounting locations for the driver to choose from. This helps eliminate issues where the license plate bracket triggers the parking sensor. They are usually made with high quality materials since they have to withstand inclement weather, high speeds, and powerful car washes.

The installation process is very straightforward and does not take much time or effort. Just keep in mind that it's important to refrain from using power tools to secure the tow hook license plate mount because the product cannot withstand electric tools. First remove the tow hole cover. Some cars have covers than can be easily popped out and some cars require a pry tool or flat head screwdriver. Insert the license plate mounting stick and screw it in all the way. Mount the bracket and use the rubber washers to sandwich the bracket and increase friction. Some people even use Loctite to further secure the bracket to prevent spinning.

No Drilling License Plate Mounting Kit

License plate mounting brackets are a great way to get a whole new look without making too much effort or maintenance. They have become so popular that there are lots of cars all over the road with this kind of upgrade.



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