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A youngish man known to me through common interests handed this paper to me, asking I see that it was read. I agreed to find a way that allowed him anonymity. I have wondered if it is real myself. When you have read it you can judge.

Media Component12/20/2005

Media Component

    An essential component for the establishment of the New American Century is control of the media in all forms. In the following section we will provide some useful notes to be augmented both by others already in the field and yourselves on the website. Remember to copy your comments and insights to the Secretary.

    As you go over the sampling of individuals in this brief you will doubtless think of others who are not included. But for our purposes it is only necessary that you see how we are handling the transitional programming, not that all of it be documented. In each category there are individuals with national presence, regional and some local who we expect to achieve more prominence. There are also some who presently present us with problems that need solutions. You, as a new Member, may be the source for some of these solutions.

Fox News

    Fox is the premier television venue for the Vision – and at that it leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the in studio talking heads are pretty clueless or fluff brains like Shepard. At least some of them can articulate a moderately consistent Conservative line. When the reorganization is finished you can expect to see some of those heads chopped and some other, better brains installed in key positions. The reorganization is now in the planning stages; a natural continuation of the popularity we have experienced in Talk Radio. The funding source is on board but wants to see some more figures. Think about fining out your own resumes if you think this might be something you can handle.

Bill O’Reilly

    The O’Reilly Factor

    O’Reilly is not the kind of talking head that can integrate the Vision. He is slightly stupid and canalized to some soft shell formulation of ‘Conservativism’ of his own. He is slightly better than a liberal – but not much. In the long term he may be a problem. Research needs to be done so this danger is offset.

John Gibson

    The Big Story

Gibson can make any big story small just by the way he reports it.

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