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A youngish man known to me through common interests handed this paper to me, asking I see that it was read. I agreed to find a way that allowed him anonymity. I have wondered if it is real myself. When you have read it you can judge.

What the young man found in the doughnuts12/20/2005

About this document

    I received the document herein published from a youngish man who was anxious not to identify himself. Since he told me he did not write the Document I have not listed him as the author.

    I confess to a certain amount of skepticism when first being confronted with his story. The sad fact is people will lie to you, but after talking to the young man and observing his body language for the 90 minute period of our meeting I came away believing his story. I had known him for a while and thought him to be honest. Reading the document reinforced that assessment. I agreed to keep his name confidential, no matter what. He has now relocated to a point off shore. More I will not say.

    The document reproduced here was rekeyed and the notations appearing on two of the pages have therefore been eliminated. Those notations were apparently in two different hands. The young man assured me he did not make those notations.

    The young man told me the following story to account for his possession of this astonishing Document, a short paper with photographs, that by apperance seems to be a lost briefing paper prepared for a new NeoCon insider who has recently ‘graduated’ from Neocon basic training and is waiting for his assignment.  If you like, you can purchase a print copy at using this url:

    The young man, 'Jim,' has had this in his possession for quite a while now, obviously, but was unsure what to do with it. He approached me for personal reasons irrelevant here.

    "Jim' told me that he found the document in a box of doughnuts in New Hampshire after a confusing venture out for sustenance while he was collating mailers for Howard Dean. The Document was between layers of Chocolate Long Johns and raised glazed, enclosed in a paper bag from a Kinko’s. According to 'Jim'.

the doughnut shop was a madhouse just then. He also said that workers from several different campaigns were lined up awaiting orders, talking and drinking coffee. He had no explanation as to why the Document was in his order of doughnuts. He read it while consuming two raised glazed and three Long Johns and one cake with sprinkles. He thought briefly about passing it around the office and then took a bus back to New York where he spent a long weekend considering his options. He then put the Document in the bottom of a box and tried to forget about it.

    When that proved to be impossible he came looking for me.

    The Document was in the Kinko’s bag when he handed it over. A few crumbs, presumably from the doughnuts, came out when it glided onto my desk.

    I do not and will not attest to the truth of what I was told or the authenticity of this published work. I will point out that the contents presented are protected, even if entirely manufactured, by the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights as political satire. The Document made my hair stand on end and made me laugh. It is well worth reading - though if it is supposed to be funny I have to say I did not find myself laughing.  I sincerely hope it is not real. 

Mark. G

The Editor

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Confidential Briefing Summary12/20/2005

Confidential Briefing Summary

Spring, 2004

Copy No. 24 Issued to:

Jonathan B. Hershel

Karl Rove, The White House

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What You Are Doing Matters12/20/2005


    Before we begin take a moment and renew your Attunement. Breathe deep. Feel the energies within and direct your Higher Consciousness to be open to the flow of knowledge. Let what you are about to learn integrate on every level with what has already been awakened in you.

    Breathe in from the Great Minds the hidden knowledge left for us, their heirs.

    You are one of a very few individuals who have been entrusted to carry out the next phase of the operation that began before you were born. In your hands you hold the fate of America and indeed, the fate of the world. Your previous briefings and original training has attuned you to the philosophical and esoteric verities that underlay our Vision. Now it is time to begin your real work.

    We have faced tremendous challenges in the last years and the coming months will increase those difficulties. No one expects you to be perfect. We do expect you to remember what you have learned and keep focused on the goal of securing for America a truly stable government for the first time in its long history.

To achieve our goals we have given you a tremendous range of tools, including the PATRIOT Act and Homeland Security. We have also forged together a network of real American patriots each dedicated to securing the perimeter of one part of the complete Whole. In some sense we are the first real patriots since the successful close of the Revolution because only we truly understand the monumental but esoteric purpose for which that insurgency was originally launched. Our Founding Fathers saw faintly; we, with the insights vouchsafed us by such minds as Irving Kristol, Ayn Rand, Otto von Bismarck, and Dr. Leo Strauss have achieved complete Attunement and understanding.

    After the election we will launch our program for unifying public opinion so that the march towards the One Destiny can be completed.

    Attune yourself to the inner vibrations of the Vision regularly by holding your Guiding Papers firmly.

    Make sure that the Secretary has your current contact information. Be careful to follow all procedural protocols.

Until then study all of the material made available to you , especially on the website. Read this briefing carefully. You will be interacting with many people who understand what we are doing from their own perspectives and it is imperative that you keep you comments and instructions within the confines of what is familiar and acceptable to them. One of your jobs is to interface with common Americans in such a way that they remain useful to the New American Century.

    As you know, most of the problems America has faced in the last two hundred years were produced by the transitory nature of those in politics and the deterioration of gender roles. Only a stable form of government, nationally and in the home, can give America, the most powerful nation on Earth, the continuity it needs to bring humanity to a full maturity. The New American Century will give all of humanity a stability that will last a thousand years.

    These are heady times and there is much still to be done. Together, we can do anything.


                                                                                                                                         The Marshall General

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The raw material for creating the New American Century12/20/2005

The raw material for creating the New American Century

    Our Vision for America has been built up through the sheer will of our Members and through enabling common Americans to see their own goals and dreams realized though our larger vision. Our Vision transforms America into a model that will be followed across the globe. This will ultimately lead to the establishment the New American Century on other planets as well.

    Much of the ‘reforms’ instituted by the Liberals over the last sixty years violated the inherent differences in men and women and failed to understand the over-riding need for stability in human relationships. Liberals, and the Democrat Party, is now in its final stages of deterioration brought on by their moral and intellectual bankruptcy. We are now in a position to correct many of those mistakes.

    We have reestablished the necessary structures humanity demands. The rejection of caste structures that implicitly screen for those inherent disabilities carried by a great part of humanity through race and other inferior neurological heritage was the mistake that destroyed Liberalism.

Those of us who are the descendants of the Masters and awake to the Higher Consciousness understand the need for order. Members are nominated because of their unfolding awareness of these verities.

    Among ourselves we can admit that the move towards a Democracy, leaving the controls of a representative Republic behind, were a grave mistake that has bred generations of welfare recipients who contribute nothing to the larger wealth of our society. They will be content when placed firmly where they belong.

    How to leave the forms of a Democracy in place while substituting a more stable government is one problem that posed a real puzzle for our greatest minds. But it is a problem we have now solved.

    Accomplishing this has required a skilled use of political rhetoric. Rhetoric is a primary tool and must never be confused with interpreted realities.

    The main core of our assembled majority and the weight of our political might are centered in the Republican Party with cooperation from some other groups such as Evangelical Christians and libertarians. We have reinforced our reliance on the electoral process though skillful use of the present voting technologies.

    Over the next months we need to hold that core while we re-elect our president. You are an essential component to this plan. Remember, much has been entrusted to you. Your rewards will be both in very tangible forms and in the satisfaction you will feel in being part of the Greater Whole born of the New American Century.

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Who is the Republican Party?12/20/2005

Who is the Republican Party?

    Very few of you have any practical experience with on the ground politics. Don’t lie about this to those you meet. Let them instruct you and listen respectfully to what they say. While the organizational structure of the Republican Party is Gothic and outdated it is the meeting ground for many of the people who act as the glue to hold our coalition together. It is important that you appear to be humble and willing to be instructed.

    You are following a generation of Members who have moved into leadership positions in the highest echelons of government; the Congress, the Cabinet, the constellation of think-tanks that provide policy for legislation, and the media. Some of you will eventually occupy positions in these arenas. But now your charge will be to provide the conduits for power that will transform the components of our coalition into more permanent forms that can be trusted long term.

    You will be surprised by what you find in the Republican Party. Most of you are intellectually sophisticated and intelligent and dealing with the people you will find within the organizations and ‘clubs’ that form the grassroots of the GOP will be a shock. As we have indicated, you will be tempted to talk down to them or instruct them in matters beyond their understanding. Don’t. They are valuable tools for accomplishing our goals and all tools need to be properly used.

    In addition to the grassroots of the Republican Party we have also been able to activate a specific element of the Evangelical Christians, those who were politically inert until the advent of Women’s Liberation in the early 70’s. This group has adopted a strange but useful religious/cultural theology that is effectively a substantial rewrite of the Bible. You may be disgusted when you are first told about it by one of its adherents. It is a gross distortion of the True Attunement, a blasphemy. But their beliefs are useful to us and to the Vision.

    The Scofield Bible is the work of a man named I. C. Scofield who annotated the Bible in the late 1800’s adding interpretation that was previously absent. It is from this work that the movement for the support of Israel, so useful to us, derives. These individuals literally believe they will be lifted up to heaven during a second coming. Presumably, Jesus will be issuing tickets on the Armageddon Express. No matter how silly it sounds this is what they believe.

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An Overview: The structure of the Republican Party12/20/2005

An Overview: The structure of the Republican Party

    We need not take you into the more esoteric functions and connections that bind the real leadership of the National Committee to our Vision. You also have no need to consider the means by which we make funds available. You are intelligent and know who is loyal to our cause. If you are interested, you can discover that for yourselves by looking over the publicly available records of donation and the various boards. Do so; what you discover for yourself has extra spice.

    We now move onto the elements within the Republican Party that constitute the working tools connecting our Vision to the grass roots of political validation and elections. Through this and other mediums we reformulate and drive public opinion.

    In many ways the Republican Party grew like a series of warts on the body politic. Organizationally it is composed of clubs and organizations, some of which are officially recognized and hold places on the National Committee. Others are state or regional but provide grassroots support for candidates and the means for developing skills in individuals, familiarizing them with the lines of leadership, and providing the means for us to determine who might be useful for our own ends. A few of you first became familiar with our Vision through Young Republicans.

    Some of these organizations were developed and are maintained more as public relations than through political reality and where that is true we will let you know. But the most important groups are the first three. Get them straight and do not mistake them for each other.

    Thanks go to the staff that did the research to put this paper together.

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Organizations within the Republican Party - Catagory A12/20/2005

National Federation of Republican Women


��� The median age of membership in this group is now reaching into the late 60s but they are still, surprisingly enough, a resource and hold a seat on National Committee. Their National offices are in Arlington, Virginia and they donate hefty amounts of money to the RNC and to candidates.

��� They were founded in Chicago in 1938 as a national organization within the Republican Party and provided workers for campaigns for the purposes of stuffing envelopes, walking precincts, GOTV and other typical bottom-line non-thought essential functions for generations of candidates.

��� They are mindlessly loyal and even after the ERA was stricken from the Republican Platform they continued to come out and work for candidates. The remnants of this group will most likely still are working for the Republican Party when we rescind the right to vote for women.

��� You will meet these women at nearly every Republican event. Do not be surprised when you see them walking around in clumps wearing large, garish gold elephants and red, white and blue tee-shirts that do little to disguise the lack of a waistline. Typically, they carry their possessions in bags acquired from previous events and these may date back to the Goldwater era. They collect anything with an elephant on it. Do not stare, or if you do smile and wave. They are unfailingly friendly and are always happy to share a few words with fellow Republicans. Do not try to discuss anything intellectually challenging with any of them, even if they appear to be under 30.

��� Here are some of the kinds of items that you will see dangling from their forms. (Note:� There were several graphics, all kind of garish elephants.)�

��� There is literally no elephant so ugly that it cannot find a home on the person of a Federated Woman. They do not tend to read deeply, confining themselves to books from list No. 4, which makes them no less useful to us. They will buy books the books on the approved list and urge other to do the same. They appreciate our making these available as they like to feel they are �up to date� on the issues.

��� They organize themselves in unit clubs, sometimes several to a single community and cooperation between clubs is common. While they will take a tremendous amount of disrespect from elected officials and are pleased with the slightest attention or courtesy you, as a neophyte, should not push their levels of tolerance.

��� They move up in office through a strictly maintained escalator system, advancing though the chairs for many years. There is a leavening of younger members and some of these are not unattractive sexually

��� Note that the National Federation of Republican Women has an auxiliary called Regents. The members of this are self elected by paying at least $1,000.00 a year for the privilege of attending more meetings. They are generally proud of this and you should look impressed when they tell you they are Regents.

How you should act

��� You are a man therefore you can get away with the merest civilities. If you need to work with them, and often they are the core of volunteers, make sure they understand that what they are doing is for the good of the Party. Never confuse them by discussing anything even slightly esoteric or policy oriented. They find it confusing and disturbing. Do not confuse them with concepts beyond the comprehension of womankind.

Young Republican National Federation

��� Young Republicans .com

��� It will probably surprise you to discover that Young Republicans are not young.

��� Membership is officially for individuals between 18 and 40, but the bulk of membership is decidedly older. The organization began as a means to provide a place for developing potential leaders and candidates. One or two of you were, briefly, active in its ranks. Now it provides another essential function. That is to introduce the Vision into the ranks and stabilize the opinions of those who will then disseminate the Vision further into the grass roots.

��� This organization is actually now struggling for viability since so many of its members are older than is allowed by its bylaws. The problem of an aging population in the existing Republican clubs and organizations was a problem we alleviated through outreach to the politically na�ve and issue limited Christian Coalition. That strategic outline is detailed under Reed Connection on the website.

��� Young provide some limited grass roots activism for candidates and have been helpful in limiting support of candidates who are not on our approved list. If in doubt when dealing with a candidate refer to the listings on the site to see if the candidate is on the approved list, the neutral list or the discouraged list.

How you should act.

��� You will find that Young Republicans are generally focused on individual success for themselves personally. This relieves you of discussing with them issues with real content. They will be anxious to make contact with you since they will perceive that you have real connections. You can point them to the approved reading list. This is list No. 2. Remember to note any potentially useful individuals and refer them upwards through your Mentor. There are a few women and these are generally somewhat younger and tastier than those you meet in Federated Women.

College Republican National Committee


��� When it became obvious that it was impossible to fully integrate our Vision with the leadership of Young Republicans we turned to a then moribund and facile group that was easily manipulated and reformatted, in large part because of the transitory nature of its membership.

��� As pointed out earlier, Young Republicans stay around forever, dying intellectually and politically in the comfortable confines of the organization that is very much a social club rather than a tool for substantial political action.

We were faced with a problem and College Republicans, along with the Christian Coalition, provided the answer in the political realm; although in the case of the Christian Coalition it has also proved useful as a cross-over medium for injecting rhetoric into other arenas.

��� Ralph Reed, the founder of Christian Coalition, got his start in politics by creating a new format for College Republicans that made it into the formulaic shock troop tool that it is today. He has since moved on, of course, but he managed to leave behind him very manageable and consistent organizations that continue to function, indoctrinating a flow of new minds with the essentials of the New American Century and at the same time creating a presence on campuses for our ideas.

��� We need to encourage the creation of effective chapters on many more campuses across the country but I encourage you to look over the website which is nationally controlled and very professional, leading inquiries into resources that provide a good range of argumentation and rhetoric that supports our work.

How you should act.

��� This organization is a natural for finding recruits who will be open to being drawn in closer to the Vision. Remember that adherents of the Armageddon/Scofield views must be treated politely but never recruited for more sensitive work.

There are quite a few women in these groups and many are very open to assuming their appropriate secondary support roles.

Other Republican Groups and Clubs

National Federation of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs


��� This is a group about which you must be warned to be prepared. If you thought that the old ladies from Federated Women were funny looking these grass roots activists will have you pulling out your camera even more frequently.

The Grand Order of the Pachyderm even has ritual for initiating its officers, most of who are both elderly, overweight, and esthetically challenged, sometimes all three. This group is actually fairly recent in the scheme of things and is confined, thank goodness, to the South and Midwest. Not surprising. It is amateur night all the time in Pachyderm land.

��� The regular, garden variety Pachyderm activists. (photo not included)
National Committee Meeting for the Pachyderm Clubs (photo not included)

��� I think we need say nothing more to make the point. Try to be polite, but if you miss, no harm done.

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Special Interest Clubs of which you need to be aware.12/20/2005

Special Interest Clubs of which you need to be aware.

    The Following clubs are essential to maintaining the mythology of Democracy.

National Black Republican Council

    It is essential that the Republican Party give a visual appearance of being sensitive to the presence of blacks, women and other minorities. To accomplish that goal the existence of this club has been tolerated. Its function is to bring a small cadre of Blacks up to the point where they become credible candidates and spokespeople for Republican programs. This has been and will continue to be challenging, but I know that with help from all of you it is achievable.

How you should act.

    Try hard not to be patronizing. Many men of African-American heritage are really quite intelligent when limited to what they can really understand, and those among them who are ministers remain integral to our plans for outreach into black churches. When making recommendations for reading material use list No. 3, with economics by Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. Make sure they know these writers are also black.

Black women should be left strictly alone.

Republican Hispanic National Assembly

    Our interactions with Hispanics are complicated by the fact that most of them are Catholic. However, building our membership among Hispanics is essential to ensuring an electoral majority. Also, the gender roles for women in Hispanic culture have not deviated from what is natural and acceptable as have those of main stream Americans and so it is our hope to use their patterns for subservience to improve the attitudes of mainstream women.

    As Catholics, most of them are also favorable to a pro-life position and as we have made clear this position is necessary if we are to use both custom and statute to ensure that men occupy the dominant position in the family hierarchy.

    Creating visual messages that are attractive to women while working to stabilize the family around the Founding model has necessitated placing some women in positions of prominence, but this will become less necessary as other components of the larger plan come into play. We are also trying out the strategy of having the President ask some women to run for office and then make sure they cannot win by cutting off funding. This creates the appearance of ‘inclusion’ while building the perception that women are incapable of electoral success.

    The RHNA is in large part a construct with little real substance at this point and while we do hope it grows on the endeavors of those Hispanics we have drawn in their cultural values and essential laziness make it unlikely that it will ever be anything but a shell, useful for public relations purposes.

How you should act.

    Encourage those you meet to become more active and refer them to reading list No. 2. Some Hispanic women are light-skinned enough to date.

National Federation of Republican Assemblies

    Assemblies are potentially good sources of grass roots support but need to be treated with delicacy for now. They are organized on a state by state basis, and although they have been losing ground along with many small themed Republican organizations they retain a potential for activism that is potentially dangerous. However, many of them participate in such activities as talk radio, and Internet dialogging and have become supportive of those parts of the Vision with which they have rhetorical resonance. The women in the organization assume secondary roles for the most part and therefore will not experience any cultural disorientation in adhering to the full spectrum of cultural changes inherent in our Vision. Many of these individuals retain a long term institutional memory of previous Republican agendas and are still loyal to Goldwater and Reagan.

How you should act.

    Smile and say as little as possible. The population in the clubs is aging rapidly and hopefully will not become a problem.

Republican Jewish Coalition

    The Republican Party actually does well with support by Orthodox Jews. It is the Reform and Conservative Jews show support is problematical. It is highly unlikely that you will meet many members of this organization because their absolute numbers are small and they tend to clump up in just a couple of geographical areas. But you need to know the organization exists.

How you should act.

    Be very polite; agree with what they say generally. You will not be able to find a date here.

Republicans for Environmental Protection

    What was that comment about Earth First, we’ll mine the other planets later? Environmentalism has become part of the mantra for the liberals and although ‘environmentalism’ is a concept better understood as how to utilize resources in third world countries while keeping the parks here clear of trash an expectation has been laid down and needs to be accepted. We have been shaping our rhetoric to emulate that used by the Liberals and that will continue. In fact, they do not mean it any more that do we, but they think they do. Some delusions go deep.

    This group was started and is staffed by some well-meaning and sincere people who are really very disconnected from reality. But if they had not started it, we would have had to do it ourselves. The website is well done but shallow, as could be expected.

    Always look concerned and let anyone who asks know we also have groups dedicated to keeping the environment pristine.

How you should act.

    You will probably not meet any of them but if you do give them a card and ask them to send you their opinion pieces. You can then delete them.

Log Cabin Republicans

    Homosexuality is not yet a crime but it will be, of course. This issue has already been decided. The support we get from homosexuals and other deviants does not offset the cost of that support in terms of losses from our Christian Conservative and Evangelical adherents. Furthermore, homosexuality has been proven to be a disease of the brain that is curable and therefore those who persist have the same moral standing as drug addicts. Also, those who are at the core of the problem are not quiet about their behavior and engage in offensive public displays. As we make support available for individuals who have homosexual impulses we are doing everything that a reasonable society can be expected to do to help them overcome their problem.

    But, as with all things, timing is everything. The issue of homosexuality is a social point that must be restructured through the appropriate rhetorical engineering over a period of several years. What you see happening now with the issue of the sanctity of marriage is the opening wedge. This process cannot go any further until after next November.

    The organization has a larger membership than we might have hoped. It includes individuals with considerable clout and influence, many of whom are very well to do.

How you should act.

    You can be distant with known homosexuals but show no overt hostility

Republican Liberty Caucus

    The Republican Liberty Caucus is one of those organizations that is small but possesses some influence because of the personal connections of those numbered among its members. The membership is composed of many former Libertarian Party members who have long standing relationships with many individuals high up in think tanks that continue to be useful to us. Some are also connected to previous administrations and presidential candidates, especially those with influence who were involved with Goldwater and in the Reagan Presidency.

    Reagan especially is an iconic presence in the popular mythology of Americans, enjoying a cross-over constituency among Democrat voters. We carefully audited the recent contretemps over the HBO made for TV movie that featured a script that repositioned Reagan in a far less favorable light than was actually documented. If the left had been successful in bringing this off it might not have been a bad thing. But it obviously fell flat on its face in a rush of outrage that came from the most local levels.

    The Reagan admirers who remain active represent a faction that could become an active source of opposition and therefore should not be antagonized. It would be a very good thing if we could successfully transfer the popularity from Reagan to our own benefit and attempts to accomplish this continue. None of our attempts in this regard have worked as of yet. Nancy Reagan remains hostile to us. While this is certainly due to her hysterical focus on her husband and not from any intellectual or political viewpoint it remains a very real and present factor still to be dealt with.

    Having said that, the RLC is a very small group and without any great influence through the normal mediums of Party politics. Members tend to be ideologues slavishly holding on to the failed viewpoints of natural rights, Randianism, and other forms of hysterical Libertarianism.

How you should act.

    Tread lightly but continue to pare away at their influence where ever possible. Another briefing paper focusing on these elements is now in preparation.

Winning Women

    Remember for a moment the comments made above regarding the National Federation of Republican Women. That bastion of biddies provided grass roots support for candidates and essential internal party functions but it also gave us models for creating a rhetorical image that the Republican Party welcomes and rewards women with positions of responsibility. This is, of course, antithetical to our actual Vision. But, as with Environmentalism, it is an essential fiction that must not be questioned publicly until the right time.

    Winning Women is the alternate device for creating appropriate role models for women to emulate and for transferring the perception of influence from women within the Republican Party to a form we can more readily control.

You need not worry about interacting with any of the women on the site. The organization is not actually independent.

How you should act.

    Smile and encourage their womanly fervor.

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Organizations not overtly Republican controlled or used by us.12/20/2005

Organizations not overtly Republican controlled or used by us.

��� The next section includes external groups necessary for carrying our agenda. The aim, clearly stated, is to force society to accept a different model for gender relations; this is characterized as the Biblical or Patriarchal Model for stability. The behavioral model puts women back in the kitchen and bedroom and takes away their right to control their own lives and bodies.

Independent Women�s Forum


��� This organization is funded by several of our most important adherents and has proven to be invaluable to the dissemination of the preliminary stages of our Vision. Until we organized it there was literally no public presence for �feminism� from our perspective. From it we have also identified several women who have gone on to function as spokesmen in other venues.

��� The fact is that to ensure that such useful tools remain compliant we need to ensure that they are guaranteed amply compensation as well as a patina of respect. Therefore you must treat the writings and pronouncements of these women with tremendous deference for the time being. They will also be valuable as the time comes to advance the agenda for returning the roles of women to the goal; Founding Model.

Reason Foundation


��� Reason Foundation is one of the most valuable sources for policy available to us. It is from this institution that all of the concepts of privatization flowed, allowing us to shift costs for the provision of services directly to the consumer without lowering the tax base. On top of this they have proven to be an invaluable component in the restructuring of gender roles, providing much argumentation against the pathetic policies generated by the Left.

��� Reason is divided between the magazine and its policy institute. It began as a for-profit magazine and morphed into a not-for-profit in the late 1970s. It was founded by Libertarians and is still staffed by individuals promoting that point of view.

��� To date, we have placed several of our younger Members there for periods of time, then moving them on to other placement. Go to the website and examine it carefully. This may well be a good fit for you and if you are interested we can guarantee you a prominent position.

The Heritage Foundation


��� This is really an in-house operation for us although the necessary expenditures now in motion will probably result in some short term resistance. Founded as a traditionally Conservative institution it has proven very possible and profitable to co-opt it, injecting the necessary underpinnings for our Vision through their faith-based formulation for women and social issues. In large part this has been accomplished without their even being aware it was taking place. In fact, they would probably agree that the core of our Vision, returning women to the traditional roles mandated for them at the time of the Revolution is appropriate. They see a model for social structure that rigidly controls the roles available to women and have used faith-based arguments to justify this kind of policy while making sure it was also couched in economically appropriate language.

��� Their own agenda is not really very different from our own therefore. In addition, they have been supportive of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act which both go to the long term agenda as well. Several of our members serve on their Board, which you will see when you examine it, and they are a continuing medium for co-opting the Conservative viewpoint to our own use.

��� We expect to see them weaken on the issues of gun control though the needs of Homeland Security, another essential already outlined for you.

��� If you want a position here let your Mentor know.

CATO Institute


��� CATO has always proven to be a gold mine of useful policy and in fact provided the seeds and the argumentation for the present Bush proposal for Social Security, the plum that is proving to give us weight and place among Americans generally. It is impossible to underestimate the value of the proposed reform of Social Security to our larger Vision. By artistic use of the arguments for reform we at one time are able to continue a control of the wealth produced by common Americans and unburden the economy in ways that will hugely benefit the interests of the corporations who are the real source of America�s greatness. The structures of corporate interests need to be respected and protected from intrusive takings to continue producing the wealth that makes America great.

��� CATO was founded through the good offices of the Kochs, Charles and David, and through the efforts of Edward H. Crane, III, a man of real vision. Crane was an early Libertarian who understood intuitively the Vision for America and he has worked diligently for that Vision ever since. It is his personal expertise in dealing with those in power that acted as a kind of easement for us into several venues that it would otherwise have been difficult to breech. He has provided the means for welding the tools created through various Libertarian think tanks into a whole that we have now used so completely in the pursuit of our Vision.

��� In addition, while he is not a man of any particular faith and is sexually promiscuous, he has provided secular justifications for the gender component of our own Vision.

��� He and other high ups in CATO are very open to cooperation. Let your Mentor know if you would like to work there.

National Rifle Association


��� It is of course necessary that Americans give up the illusion that our Founding Fathers actually envisioned a future that included their right to form private armies. The naivet� of these individuals is amusing but can best be viewed as an earlier form of the final flowering of the Vision of the New American Century. Doubtless future generations of Americans, living in the comfort and stability of a world where guns are understood as unnecessary and barbaric, will view the movies of today with delicious shivers of astonishment and incredulity.
��� Eventually one will be filmed about the friendship of Charleton Heston and Ronald Reagan, two movie stars who reshaped history, each in his own way. It is ironic that each will die from the same cause, betrayed internally by a disease that destroyed their minds and allowed their bodies to continue.

��� The National Rifle Association is very much the child of Charleton Heston in its present form, and he and his internal staff have actually been working for many years on issues that proved to be helpful to us in the long run. Sometimes what we need most is to have something so badly defended that they are more persuasive that the opposition. That has been the case with the NRA, especially under the control of Mr. Heston.

Eagle Forum


Phyllis Schlafly


��� We need women like Phyllis to position the political points for the New American Century. Phyllis has spent a lifetime working out the details we needed to stop the ERA, something we feared was impossible, and then to actually prove that the political tide can be turned back towards the Founding Model; that provided insights that have had wide applications in other arenas.

��� That she is now tired looking and run down is just what happens to women; They cannot be expected to last when they do work tha is essentially the exclusive prerogative for male minds.

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Other Policy Venues12/20/2005

Other Policy Venues

    There are probably 500 policy organizations that are presently in existence and producing work. You may well be the first to identify one that has heretofore been overlooked.

    Please add notes on anything you find out that is not already noted and copy the section to the Informational Master for processing. These are just the most prominent and significant to our own Vision. For information on the others go to the website and do the requisite search by topic and positioning, as outlined previously.

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Media Component12/20/2005

Media Component

    An essential component for the establishment of the New American Century is control of the media in all forms. In the following section we will provide some useful notes to be augmented both by others already in the field and yourselves on the website. Remember to copy your comments and insights to the Secretary.

    As you go over the sampling of individuals in this brief you will doubtless think of others who are not included. But for our purposes it is only necessary that you see how we are handling the transitional programming, not that all of it be documented. In each category there are individuals with national presence, regional and some local who we expect to achieve more prominence. There are also some who presently present us with problems that need solutions. You, as a new Member, may be the source for some of these solutions.

Fox News

    Fox is the premier television venue for the Vision – and at that it leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the in studio talking heads are pretty clueless or fluff brains like Shepard. At least some of them can articulate a moderately consistent Conservative line. When the reorganization is finished you can expect to see some of those heads chopped and some other, better brains installed in key positions. The reorganization is now in the planning stages; a natural continuation of the popularity we have experienced in Talk Radio. The funding source is on board but wants to see some more figures. Think about fining out your own resumes if you think this might be something you can handle.

Bill O’Reilly

    The O’Reilly Factor

    O’Reilly is not the kind of talking head that can integrate the Vision. He is slightly stupid and canalized to some soft shell formulation of ‘Conservativism’ of his own. He is slightly better than a liberal – but not much. In the long term he may be a problem. Research needs to be done so this danger is offset.

John Gibson

    The Big Story

Gibson can make any big story small just by the way he reports it.

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Commentators and Pundits that are marking points for the Vision12/20/2005

Commentators and Pundits that are marking points for the Vision

    It would be deadening and nearly impossible for the purposes of this short brief to give you as exhaustive outline of those presently drawing the future battle lines of public discourse in every arena of public life. That is not our purpose, in any event. Our purpose is to enable you to do your job, which is to determine where you will take up your work and establish yourself. In this section we will give you some pointers and suggestions as to what is needed to further the plan and you can then formulate your suggested approach, outlining the work you feel best able to undertake and discussing that with your Mentor.

    Each of the commentators or ‘pundits,’ listed below has taken on a particular territory. Some are Members and some are simply placed by us, co-opted, or useful through circumstance. Some are potential problems, their usefulness eroding.

You will note that in some cases those listed as Talk Show Hosts are also pundits. We list them in one category or other, according to which venue we think has been most effective in their particular case.

William Bennett

    When you read through the Agenda and Time Line you will see how pivotal Member Bennett is to our overall strategy. The Federalization of education in America, opposed by old guard conservatives has become, as you know, a cornerstone for stabilizing the institutions of government in America and introducing the New American Century.

It has become Bennett’s duty to stave off the attempts of Americans to prevent their children from receiving the appropriate educational input essential to the Agenda. This is being instituted in California first to work out any potential problems.

    If you are interested get in touch with the Member through your own Mentor.

Pat Buchanan

    You will recall for a moment the flurries of excitement among elements of the old guard conservatives during the last presidential campaign. Buchanan declared his candidacy and then died on the vine. His constituency is aging and he can best be understood as one of the hawkish legion that came into prominence in the wake of the Goldwater years in the Republican Party. Since then he has lapsed into occasional bursts of activity to little real effect. But sometimes we actually find individuals who have potential who come to us through his activities which have wound down to his own core issue, his Catholicism.

    We believe he will either remain silent on core issues of support the ultimate efforts.

Ann Coulter

    Ann Coulter, though female, does not write on women’s issues. She has staked out an unusual ground and made it her own. She disarms the opposition with her cool good looks and then eviscerates them with pure vitriol. It is no surprise the Joe McCarthy is one of her heroes, though it speaks some good of her. She has been effective up to now but our concern is that her emotional state is growing increasingly unstable and it may be necessary to take action at some time soon. While she has been useful she is not a Member; you will wonder why the issue arises since as you know, no woman is initiated into membership. She is not. Leave it at that. Any publicly visible instability will have repercussions and must be prevented.

John Fund

    Wall Street Journal

    John Fund, Member, has been the source for the formulation of public discourse for our work for nearly 20 years. Through some very trying times for him personally he has continued to work tirelessly in our behalf. His problems have made his temporary semi-retirement necessary to the greater good, but in the coming months he will be making a comeback with a new book and a very interesting and important job in a new arena. His replacement on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal was Max Boot, a good pick but not his equal.

    His book will focus on an essential component for our work, the electoral process. Be sure to pick it up and read it when it is released. It will be a fine example of what is possible through the mediums outlined to you during your training.

Wendy McElroy

    Wendy McElroy is a non-member operative, one of those essential spokespeople we refer to elsewhere in this briefing. No one has ever done an in-depth background check on her except us, which is fortunate for our purposes. This is unlikely to happen because one of the failings of the opposition is their lack of completeness. Her work is extremely persuasive but based on a total lack of background reality. We need to ensure that she receives the validation she needs from those working on the Founding Model aspect of the work.

William Safire

    Safire has been a yammering presence in journalism for many years. He is respected and well placed but has proven unresponsive to the logic of our agenda, which, given his background is surprising.

Paul M. Weyrich
Chairman and CEO Free Congress Foundation

    Edwin Feulner and Weyrich remain foundational to our present work. His ideas and formulations are at the core of what we have managed to accomplish over the past generation. Go to Accuracy In Media and familiarize yourself with the depth and breadth of his activities. You cannot fail to be impressed by what he has done and is still doing to advance the New American Century.

    Someday we sincerely hope it will be possible for him to receive all of the credit he so richly reserves.

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Tools for the Judicial Component12/20/2005

Tools for the Judicial Component

Equal Justice Foundation

    Some of the strategies we have pursued are distasteful but justifiable because of the overwhelming need to secure the well being of our Nation in the Vision for a stable form of government. One of these is the support we have been forced to give to deviants, as the least disruptive means of reestablishing the appropriate control of the family in the hands of male heads.

    We have achieved enormous progress in this arena and more is to come. But all tools come with hazards that cannot be overlooked and this is an area that needs oversight both to protect those who may otherwise be unnecessarily impacted and to ensure the continued usefulness of the tools in our hands.

    The Equal Justice Foundation is a not for profit we have caused to come into existence to act as one of several bases of essential support for the creation of law that will act as a counterpoint to legislation that compromises the Founding Form of the family. It is necessary to work with real cases as only such can be heard in court and thus create case law.

    But the fact is that most men, confronted with issues of child rearing will not seek custody for the best reasons. Most of the cases we have had to work with, when examined closely, actually involved a very real level of abuse of the mother and children, emotionally, with violence and sexually.

    But these are exactly the cases we need to pursue to eventually have one heard where it can cascade change into custom, returning families to the form envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

    Therefore we have funded and enabled abuse. We do not live in a perfect world and while we deeply regret the necessity this is as it is. We have been aided in this work by the fact that our counterpart, the Liberal establishment, has ignored the issues entirely. Our tools come in the form of misinformation on the related issues put forth by our constellation of think-tanks, positive assertions of rights for fathers by such institutions as this one and by the Christian Coalition, and by the injection of these ideas into public discourse by several commentators, pundits and writers who are well reimbursed for their efforts.

    The Equal Rights Foundation is headed by one writer and commentator by the name of Stephen Baskerville. His work has been valuable and has the added benefit of providing ideologically formatted outreach into both the Libertarian and Conservative communities, thus neutralizing any opposition. You will see that we have several useful commentators of this kind and a potential problem that I will now outline.

Dr. Richard Gardner

    Dr. Richard Gardner was a pedophile who spent his professional career constructing an entirely irrational and bogus ‘condition’ that he entitled, Parental Alienation Syndrome. He self published exhaustively and although an examination of his credentials would have disqualified him most likely managed to install PAS, as it is called, as a justification for severing the rights of mothers who complain that their children are abused. He is now dead, which is probably a good thing as his continued work might have focused attention on his life and motivations. While PAS is now discredited due to rather tardy attention by his peers it is being recycled by those who studied his work and appearing in other forms. It is good to know that we can depend on Liberals to fail miserably in those areas they have claimed for their concern and attention.

    In the section on commentators are several of the individuals we have sponsored to support and continue this distasteful but necessary work. Study them. It is essential that we protect what we have accomplished by ensuring that they are not practicing pedophiles themselves.

    Lastly, the dispersed and well connected fathers’ rights groups are doing an amazing job in changing the face of the American family. We need to do everything we can to see that a case is eventually heard in the highest court in the land that will finish a work so soberly but necessarily undertaken.

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Talk Show Hosts12/20/2005

Talk Radio Hosts

Rush Limbaugh

No one needs to tell you who Rush Limbaugh is. He is the original for a proliferation of voices that propounded our viewpoint, creating the present dominant position we occupy in the New Media, comprised of Talk Radio, Internet, and publishing. We are gaining in TV presence as well and are working on the Entertainment Industry. . Creating this presence in the popular discourse has made it possible for us to do the more esoteric work of placing the institutional changes that will forge the foundations for the New American Century. He is in large part our own creation. His first book was actually written by one of our Senior Members.

Most of his fans remain mindlessly loyal. This in itself has provided valuable insight into the workings of popular culture, giving us some understanding of the limits in public tolerance for specific public icons. Of late, he has deviated from adherence to the core message and therefore we need to look into replacing him. Those elements that have made him an icon may well prove to be transferable or at least accessible through emulation to other individuals.

Michael Medved

    Medved and Schlesinger are grouped together because they share some niche qualities. They are both Jewish, show business oriented, and a little nattering. Both provide good cross-over argumentation that works for our Vision and neither pays much attention to the foreign policy aspects of our work. In particular, Medved has given us some very good cultural positioning. Hollywood Vs. America impacted the perceptions of our culture in ways that sent Hollywood reeling. For that reason alone Medved remains a valuable contributor to the reshaping of American values in our target direction.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

    While much about Dr. Laura makes her valuable to us and certainly her commentary and advice columns have been salutary as a means for reinforcing the role of women as secondary in our culture, her own life leaves open questions. The circumstances of her mother’s death, undiscovered for months, were commentary enough to disgust many previously loyal fans. She is valuable, but again her life circumstances and chosen actions point out the unsuitability of public life for women.

Sean Hannity

    Sean Hannity is a young pop star kind of talk show host who is ideologically unformed and potentially accessible. Study him and consider how he might best be better utilized.

Neal Boortz

    Neal Boortz is a potential Limbaugh replacement. Unfortunately, while he supports the War in Iraq and buys into the foreign policy his other ideas make him unsuitable at this point for Membership. Study his public profile and see what can be done to transfer the elements that make him popular to a more suitable Host.

Cal Thomas

    Thomas is a serious thinker who was formerly supportive but is now balking at the necessary adjustments of Conservativism to the needs of the New American Century. This may become a problem. On top of being widely syndicated he is, of course, a talk show host. Think about back doors in.

Dr. James Dobson

    Dr. Dobson is one of the best we have for providing the connective culture between The Christian Coalition/Evangelical Communities and mainstream Americans. He is thoroughly published and credible. He is also older and not growing less so. We really need to be on the look out for one or two equivalents who can relate to younger Americans but who will tighten down the message to bring it closer in alignment with the Founding Model for family.

Laura Ingraham

    Laura Ingraham is a Coulter light. She is listed here because again, her bizarre behavior raises issues of concern for negative publicity when or if. Laura is the women you might have heard mentioned who, rejected in a love affair, went to her former lover’s home and slide the hose into his mail slot. He was out of town for the weekend and she did a lot of damage. Many of you will also be aware of similar problems with other female commentators, which certainly make the case for the inherent instability of females when artificially placed in a male world. In the other recent case it was necessary to do an intervention to stop the promiscuous behavior of another female pundit during the last National Convention. She was barely restrained from posting a sign, “I give blow jobs.” We may be able to laugh now but those of us who did the intervention will never forget. I mention this as a cautionary note to you, our new recruits.

Chuck Colson

    Chuck Colson bridges the venues of Christian and Conservative, providing us with an authentic voice. He also knows his limits and confides himself to those issues he can understand, which means he asserts his personality without confronting any touching issues on the margin the might impede the agenda for our Vision.
    Even his appearance is beneficial because he is older and non-threatening, providing a valuable patriarchal touch to his commentary. He is included here not because he is an edge kind of speaker and thinker but because he is a good example of what we need to find more of in broadcasting; examples of solid family men, this despite the fact he is a convicted felon and admitted to criminal dirty tricks during his service in the Nixon White House.

Colson is also serves as an example of how we handle the issue of rehabilitating the reputation of those who are caught while doing the work they have pledged to carry out.

Charlie Sykes

    Charlie Sykes is a Talk Show Host to watch and we expect that he will be moving on up to a larger venue in the not-too-distant future. Wisconsin is not large enough for his talent or for his connections.

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The Internet12/20/2005

The Internet

    One of the new mediums for inserting opinion and information that is only now being taken into account by Liberals is the capacity of the Internet to forge opinion. As with all mediums, along with being powerful it is potentially dangerous to the stability we seek to establish. We have used the Internet to good purpose but now must consider what steps are necessary to ensure that it not be used in a way that compromises the progress we have made towards our own Vision.

    We are working diligently towards laws on monitoring the traffic of unnecessary communications on the Internet and the Patriot Act is an important component of that plan. Until such time as all traffic is monitored and taxed, however, we will continue and step up our use of those resources that have served us already.

Free Republic

    The Free Republic has been one of several invaluable resources in limiting and directing public reaction to events.

This medium has grown to such an extent, however, that it is no longer possible to direct or limit it as we have done before. In this critical period before we have consolidated our controls it is imperative that we expend energy towards ensuring that opinion of critical factors expressed on the web remain divided and have no opportunity to consolidate around hostile opinions. Where this begins to take place we will continue to use the shock troops available through Free Republican and the host of volunteers who have reliably clustered around any viewpoint we assert. We are also working on several plans to disrupt such counterproductive movements as Meet Up and Move On. You will receive information on those efforts soon and updates are posted on the website.

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Recalibrating the American Family12/20/2005

Recalibrating the American Family

    The Christian Coalition is only one of the growing numbers of Churches in America that are working diligently to return America to a faith-based value system. Our research shows that this trend is picking up, with leftist churches losing membership and growth taking place in churches that provide structure and values. Along with the structure and values, of course, we have been inculcating programs of our own. Until the mid-seventies Evangelical and Scofield type churches were entirely apolitical. Now, they are fully alive to and aware of how they can impact the political scene. Go to the website associated with the Coalition to see just how sophisticated they have become.

    On occasion you will be called upon either to participate in a Prayer Breakfast or other religious ceremonial. It would be well to find or write a prayer suitable for such occasions.

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Remolding the Courts for the New American Century12/20/2005

Remolding the Courts for the New American Century

    This section should be studied with the utmost care with review of previous briefs from 1999 – present.

    Those briefs include the growing plans for the reformation of the court system. You were told earlier that the judicial component, remaking the law in regards to precedent to allow for the installation of the essential cultural models, was foundational to our work. That is the work that is now advancing through its pre-set process. As of yet the opposition has only noticed s few instances of the placement of judges who have been through the enlightenment process now so familiar to you.

    This success has in large part been though the masterful use of the principles of political warfare to the judicial process. Out first major victory was the placement of Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. The public destruction of Anita Hill and installation of Thomas succeeded beyond our most hopeful predictions, supplying an in-depth sounding of the ability of the Liberal Establishment to withstand a coordinated attack with all weapons available to us. The subsequent books and assertions worked to entirely deaden all potential response and to date they have fought an entirely defensive war for their own interests. You can usefully study the previous brief on that action prepared by John Fund, comparing it to his harassing strategies during the Clinton Administration. This document is pivotal to our present positioning.

    In addition to the use of the strategy for paradigm assertion and attack focused on specific persons and institutions, we have used the Federalist Society as a primary tool from within the legal community for accomplishing our recruiting work. The means for reformulating law through the bench is the placement of judges who can provide case law. We have drawn in candidates for the bench from many sources, including Christian, funneling many of them through the secondary indoctrination processes provided by the Federalist Society. These, of course, are disqualified from becoming full Members.

    Those candidates receiving the full indoctrination, like you, are drawn from the primary focus groups.

    The areas of law that need to be changed relate to women as well as to structural changes to enable the stable governmental model we have outlined. Many problem areas obviously remain.

To refresh yourself on the cases and appointments presently in motion and to look at potential nominees, especially those non-members you may have information on go to the website. In addition to the briefings you will want to review the master plan.

The Federalist Society

    The Society was founded in 1983, and has carried out the work it was designed to do with amazing efficiency and profound attention to detail. They need a steady supply of Members with a background in law, although you do not need to necessarily have finished law school to work there or engage in related duties. If you are interested discuss it with your Mentor.

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The Agenda and tentative Time Line12/20/2005

The Agenda and tentative Time Line

    Our agenda calls for action in the judicial branch that allows us to circumvent the present cultural irrationality injected into American culture by Liberals through the last several generations. This is to be accomplished, as previously outlined, through appointments to the various Federal courts and eventually by the appointment of more appropriate nominees to the Supreme Court. To that end we have been delaying the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would cause irreparable damage to our Vision.

This is in process as I write. President Bush has been very cooperative in this effort sine he is intellectually unqualified for membership he is only given the broader outline when briefed. He remains extremely easy to instruct and has followed the plan closely when it is presented through those Members who he trusts.

The core issues are to re-establish the form of the American family as patriarchal, begin moving women out of positions of power in commerce, extend the sphere of control America exerts to include the entire globe through judicious use of the military, and align Americans with this overall stabilization. We estimate that this will be accomplished within the next five years, making it essential we re-elect President Bush and place our next candidate for nomination in the next few months. At present we assume that nominee will be a Member, Tommy Thompson but it well maybe Member Newt Gingrich or one of another short list. You will be informed when a tentative selection is made.

    The educational component will begin in California through the efforts of William Bennett immediately after the election next November. Any possibility that we might lose has now been foreclosed.

At the same time we will begin the main thrust of the campaign to reduce the Islamic problem within our own borders. Homeland Security will handle the nuts and bolts of that operation.

    There remains much to be accomplished. You are a pivotal component, representing a younger generation who have sampled the uncertainty and cultural irrationalities of recent generations while retaining enough respect and determination to restore America to its real purpose.

In us and through us the Vision lives, will take shape and change the world for the better thus fulfilling the original intention of our Founding Fathers.


    As mentioned several times we have formulated the means for reinsertion when that becomes necessary. As you know, several of our Members have suffered courageously through that process and emerged to greater prominence in due time. This is accomplished by a Christian-type revelation, confession of misdoings and period of work in an alternate venue. It will be compensated if it becomes necessary. Newt Gingrich is now nearing the end of that process himself.

    The Society will take care of you no matter what happens during the course of your work for our Vision.. Loyalty matters far more than any minor human failings.

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