2/8/2007 - Valentines Day
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My valentine is getting surgery on Valentines day! So I asked him if he wanted to do something before Valentines Day to celebrate? What does he say? "Sure why not" All nonchalant like he dosent give a fuck. And Im like fuck you! What the hell? I dont know whats wrong with me today! I was in a OK mood earlier, I just keep getting pissed off. Maybe it has something to do with Dragon hooking up with his ex-girlfriend! Which I cant really get mad at him cause I have a boyfriend too! But I just miss him so much! I miss everyone so much! My mothers being a bitch! Well everyone can just fuck off!
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This is the journal of a 21 yr. old woman striving to survive her psychotic family, recover from her all too strange relationships, as well as keeping her sanity while deadly DRAMA creeps in every dark shadow!

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