1/13/2009 - Alone
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     I am alone.  Im pretty sure that I very well may be alone for the rest of my life. I want to be able to know as many people in my short life as possible. I dont want to ever feel as alone as I know I really am. I have decided on Seattle. For a max of 2 years ubtill Ifind a new place and move on again. Im going to finish out my lease in dallas with shelby. At first I thought he would be sad that I was leaving. I didnt know how wrong I was. 
     Tonight I got home after I went with my family to pick up my little brother from the air port. He just got back from his mission in argentina. I told my mother that I was planning to move out of state. To say she was not happy is a serious understatement. I know she dosent want me to leave but she will be happy for me never the less. So when I got home I sat on the couch with shelbys boyfriend and my other roommate BB. I lightly talked to him about what I was thinking and he told me how happy he was that I was moving! Because they have been talking about getting their own place when the lease is done!! WTF!! 
       But thats good. That means we can make a clean break. LOL... its not funny. I asked him when he planned on telling me. He didnt have a difinative answer. I kind dont want to finish the lease. My name isnt even on it. But I think thats kinda cold. 
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