1/14/2009 - Gage
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As I said, Gage got married and is having a baby! Isnt that great! Im very happy for him! But Im still kinda upset that he didnt tell me. Didnt tell me any of it. About a week or so ago I sent him a text telling him I wanted to move where ever he was stationed next. That I missed him and i didnt want to live without him any longer. I talked to him not long after the text and he was thrilled! said he was so happy that I wanted to move and that he loved me and missed me very much! Fucking great!! I loved him and we were going to get married and be happily ever after!
      So the next day i get this text from gage asking me why I want to live with him now? And I say, because I love you and i miss you. Duh? And he says why do you think i still love you? at this point im questioning my own sanity. Because thats what you have been telling me. Whats going on? Are you with someone else? And he says Im married. And expecting a baby next month! I was speachless! All i could say was that I was sorry and that i would not bother thhem ever again. But he wouldnt let it go. he said that he must have said something to make me think he was waiting for me like i was waiting for him. I said i have been alone this whole fucking time!! And he kept pushing me to tell him what he must have said to me to make me think that. I didnt want to talk to him about it any more. I just told him i was sorry and that i was crazy to think that. So then i get a text saying that this is his wife. and that she is so sorry that this happened and it "just breakes her heart"! So then im like this was the wife the whole time!! And gage is convenienly on on assignment in the barring sea for the next 3 months!! So i have no way of contacting him anyway!! Did i mention i was at work this whole time the crazy fucking texting is going on? Yea that was fun.
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