8/1/2008 - TGIF!!!!
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ahhhh. finally! friday! I will be off work in 7 hr and 42 mins and I am so happy. I have paid bills, paid ebay and have enough money to go to lunch. VERY GOOD! My legs are already hurting this morning, but otherwise, I feel good. I think I'm going to write in myToday Journal in a little while. After those meetings yesterday, 3 of them, Ihave a ton of stuff to do, but after lunch I will be in my office and will buckle down and get it done.

I have decided that tomorrow at noon (that's my deadline) I am going to clean house. By this I mean, clean the kitchen, bathroom, back room, diningroom living room and bedroom. I will wash dishes, sweep, mop, vaccuum, carry trash, dust and straighten around teh big stuff. I am going to start on my laundry after I get the floors done, and I am going to do this everyweek. Then, I can concentrate on the buig stuff like, cleaning that front room, moving the x-mas decorations, stuff like that. I am tired of living in filfth and if I can make it better I am gong to.


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