8/11/2008 - What the ???!!??!@@
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C comes into my office and says that our HR guy from corporate who is in our building today came in to speak with her and that someone has filed a complaint about her and I. Some bullshit about me know what everyone makes or som,ething liek that. Just pisses me off. i think I know who did it. it's one of 2 people and I am sooooooooo pissed. I dont' knwo shit and even if I did, I wouldn't tell anyone. It just pisses me off. I have been through this bullshit so many times before. I work, do a good job and then someone.. one trouble maker.. gets pissy and I end up getting dragged through the mud. i ahve already told C & T both that I ain't doin it. If it happens again, I'll just go home. I think it all goes back to when J pulled me in to write that one BITCH up. I think it was her that called. grrrrrrrr
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