Sunday, January 15, 2006 - OMG What a weekend!!!
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I never thought I'd have the guts to do it! I never ever thought it would happen. I always figured I'd talk about it and talk about it and it would be some stupid fantasy that would never come to fruition! What the hell did I know!!!!


Soo for the last month or so, I've been flirting hardcore with one of my husbands friends, Alex, online and Thursday night he spent the entire night taunting me. He'd tell me he was hungry and when I would innocently ask what for, he'd say "a taco"  5 minutes later I'd finally get it...DUH! and then he'd make some comment about "But you could never sneak out". Finally I realize he's challenging me! Well there goes that pride thing again and I can't let him prove me wrong! So I get dressed, get ready and walk out the door, presumptively to go grocery shopping because the local 24 hour grocery store is much less a madhouse at 5am and I cant sleep! I shake the whole way over to his house. The house at the address of the "dump" as he calls it, that he shares with his bandmates, is 10X nicer than my house, so I walk around for 5 minutes trying to find the real house LOL. Finally I look for the telltale signs of a bandhouse, mostly enormous ammounts of beer bottles in the garbage can sitting next to the sidewalk, noticing they are his brand I brave up to the door of a house that looks like it should be occupied by someone raking in a couple hundred thousand or more a year. The door is cracked just like he said and it reaked of cigarette and pot smoke. Yep Im in the right spot!!!  I walk in and he immediately gets up off the couch takes my hand and leads me back to the bedroom. We talked for about half an hour before he finally told me I should get under the covers with him because I look cold. OK Im not cold Im in shock that Ive actually followed through on this, but fuck, Im not turning down the invitation. Fast forward through more small talk...I finally turn to him to comment on some dumb tv show that we're both staring at but not really watching, or maybe it was the home shopping network, I'm not even sure at this point. When I turn to him, he kisses me and it's off from there. The raw, nasty, passionate, I cant get into your pants fast enough sex is on! He's so into it; he stares me straight in the eyes during every move he made.  I felt like a fuckin teenager again! On the bed with my shirt half up and my pants half down and his hard dick ribbing against my stomach and leg through his jeans. I couldnt keep my hands off his head, I love guys who shave their heads, tight haircuts are nice but I really like when they shave it clean off, but this was 10X sexier because he had a mohawk. There was just something that made me wet as hell to play with his hair next to his shaved skin. I finally got his jeans off and sunk down and took his whole dick in my mouth. Certainly not the biggest by any means, but more than enough there to get the job done. I swollowed every inch then came back up and we started kissing again. He practically ripped my clothes off and starts to slide his fingers inside me. LOL no problem there, I'm so goddam wet from everything we've been doing they slide right in. He plays with me for a bit, but thats not working for me, so I grab him and pull him down on me again. He finally got the hint and sat back up, Jeez Ive been married so long I forgot to grab any condoms!! LOL Thank gawd he had some, I can't get pregnant, but..well hes a fuckin guitarist in a band, enough said! So he puts it on and its no time before hes fucking me hard and fast. Thank God for miltiple orgasms because I came within about 3 minutes!!!  I don't know who he's been fucking up to this point, but they must be broken or faking it, because as soon as I came, the spasms from my orgasm were too much for him and he lost it.  I'm not sure exactly what affects how big a guys load is, but when he pulled off the condom, his eyes got big and he was like "Jezuschrist!!!" and looked back at me like I had something to do with it! I'd like to think so!!!! I always assumed the ammount was a mechanical thing that depended more on the body than the circumstances, but I don't have a dick, so who knows!!!!  Anyhow, we laid there for another good half hour just messing around and playing with each other before I finally decided I had better get up before I fell asleep. He set his alarm, and told me it was all good, I didn't think he'd expect me to sleep the rest of the night there! Oh well, I needed to come home with groceries or my cover would be blown, so I reluctantly got up, got dressed and started walking to the door. He kissed me good bye and I drug my ass kicking and screaming to the gas station for a Red Bull and something to eat before heading to the grocery store.


No regrets!


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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - Untitled Comment
Posted by dkye19
im as gay as christmas yet your straight sex stories always get me wet!!..

keep em coming.

take care babe, email me soon i miss you!!

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