Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - Oh to be in Germany right now.
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Well bummer, my sexcrush left today for Germany for three weeks on some kind of mission. At least he's not vacationing in Maui with his wife or something. I had this dream the other night that on his first night back, with all of his pent up desires, we were here all alone in the department together and closed ourselves in one of the offices and I went down on him.  Licking and sucking him.  Unfortunately I have no idea what I'm picturing because I've never seen him, but I know he's big enough that I can't get it all in my mouth.  I love this, it gives me the oppretunity to show off my tallents. I take a deep breath, relax and pull him toward me.  I can feel it almost pop as it passes into my throat. I swollowed and he moaned really loudly.  He tells me he doesn't want to cum without being inside me so he sets me on the desk, hikes my skirt up (it's amazing how panties disappear at the most oppretune times in a dream) shoves his tongue in my mouth and his full length deep inside me  at the same time and goes at it like any man deprived for a month should.  He's really rough, but I love it.  Of course I wake up right before either of us climax, which is usually how my dreams wind up.  Bummer too because my husband sleeps like a hibernating bear and I fall back asleep pissed off and extremely horney!


On the plus side I just found out Karlie and her husband are moving to the west coast not far from my sister and neice, like less than 5 miles. This could make for a very fun vacation if she can convence her husband that sharing is more fun than being selfish with his playthings.  She was telling me the other night that she'd love to loose her "second verginity" to me.  Mmmm...thats so hot!  She wants us to be alone when she does, maybe send the boys out to a strip club or a bar or something. Then later on we can "put on a performance" for them and trade partners.  I'd love to see DH give it to her good.  I'd like to give her niave underexpierenced husband a night he'll never forget too. Hopefully we can arrange this!!


Well, thats all for tonight my darlings!




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