!Any one for a Beer?!

1/10/2007 - Free 24hr 7days a week drink-n-drive pass (ex-cop) of NewYork

Life in a trailer park depending on you way of life and what kind of stupid manager is running the place.

Our park used to loof great, we had this one family run the place, but it went down hill after the mom had problems(diabetic drinkin soda) and had to leave. The dauter took over and did a bunch of drugs and partied. Well soon as they finaly left, got one more here, a new family.

Things went good for awhile untill we saw the husband getting drunk more often, the wife just blamed it on his diabetics. Whats bad now the bone head drives around the park and the local neaborhoods dunk of his brain. Now i'm just waitin for him to hit a small kid running around.

Do you know why he gets away with it, many of the neabors have called the police often but nothin ever happens beacause he is an ex-cop from NewYork. Its like his drunk pass to drive around the city and park here. By the way did I mention the guy is plastered the hole day from about 1hour past 7am to 10pm he passes out at 12noon wakes up about 1 and starts drikin again.

Our pitbull and rottwaller population has grown from 0 to about 12. Which are banned in the park rules. the husband is suppose to go the courts to file...but wait he cant. hes drunk off his butt all day. Pitt bulls can easily get out at a park, the fences are only 3-4' tall max.
And thes ropes they got on those dogs tend to break, want your kids walkin by that?

But hey who the Frack cares its a trailer park.

Did i mention the drugs and all the stolen property that funnels though this park. And the managemaent is aware.  yea thats a whole nother story. We got more undercovers per square foot than most small cities

Its kinda nice Im movin out of this shit hole. got me a house.
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