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5/12/2008 - Cardboard in Mrs. Bairds bread I bought the other day

Funny thing hapen to me the other day, I pulled out a loaf of bread I just bought from the local Gerlands, Come to find out there some kinda paper in side that got cooked olong with the bread, I almost ate it. It looks alot like cardboard, about 1-2" long. here is a pic


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4/2/2012 -

Posted by Dr. Karisha Lynn Madden, DDS
Biting down on a substrate like that could have been a big problem. You could have seriously damaged a tooth or worse choked. At least you were trying to eat healthy by eating whole grain. Most people never stop to think about the fact that what they eat can have an effect on their oral health. As a free service I offer tasty recipes for good oral health for on my website. If you like I can even delivery a new recipe to your inbox every Wednesday. They are perfect for health conscious professionals so when you get a chance try one.
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