5/10/2016 - Ben And Holly Toys - The Little Kingdom Gifts Encourage Role-Playing And Develop Little Imaginations
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Peppa Pig

Ben is an elf and Holly is really a fairy princess. They are 8 year old best friends in a magical land known as the Little Kingdom. Installments of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom have been aired across 43 international channels because of Nickelodeon so whether you are in Africa, Asia, Europe or perhaps the Middle East you might have seen an episode or three.

Nursery Rhymes

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom has been produced by the same team that brought us Peppa Pig (indeed you may recognise many of the same actors voices!) This system is aimed at pre-school children. The Little Kingdom is an enchanted home for Ben and Holly where they've got many magical adventures with fairies, elves and insects. One ladybird called Gaston is really a regular character inside the series as he often allows Ben the Elf to ride on his back which is really useful because he can't fly like Holly the fairy princess!

One of the popular Ben and Holly toys is in fact Gaston's cave. The cave playset has amazing features including the garden with swing along with a Gaston figure of course. The biggest play set will be the castle, home to Holly, her parents King and Queen Thistle, Nanny Plum and her twin sisters Poppy and Daisy (I don't know why but the sisters usually are not included as figurines within this set). The castle uncovers to reveal 5 rooms all with interactive features. Bright and colourful decorated with stickers - great fuel for little imaginations to produce their own adventures or rebel the stories they've seen in the episodes.

Role-playing with Ben and Holly toys would not be complete without Holly's Magic Mirror Wand. The wand is roofed in the castle and cave playsets but not the pocket pond playset. The wand can be purchased separately so you should not panic. Ben the Elf will be the only figurine using the pond playset but the set has great hidden features to find out like a hidden picnic and a pop-up frog!

I cannot think of a better means for your pre-schooler to watch their favourite Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom episodes than snuggled on top of their very own plush sort of Ben or Holly or both! Take them to school with their Ben and Holly backpacks (for sale in pink and blue for all those following traditional gender stereotypes) and their PVC swim bag on swim days. Remember a pack of stickers for collecting, swapping or reward charts or wherever else toddler want to stick stickers

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