1/21/2011 - Ps. 18:19 God Just Likes Watching Me
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SCRIPTURE: Psalms 18:19 He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me.

OBSERVATION: For many of us there is this niggiling thought, deep in our hearts, that maybe, just maybe, God merely tolerates me or maybe He barely knows who I am. In the face of that doubt comes this overwhelming thought: God delights in me!! He looks at me and simply finds great joy in my mere existence. WOW That is overwhelming and incredible. That fact should change the way we pray, the way we believe and how we look at life.
We have every reason for joy, peace and optimism for the future if the God of all the universe delights in us--AND--HERE IS THE GOOD PART--HE DOES!!

APPLICATION: I must admit, there are times I feel, and I think I pray, like I am God's red-headed stepchild. I need to get deeper into my heart how much He not only loves me, but loves to love me, delights, takes joy in just looking at me.

PRAYER: LORD, may I learn how much I am the apple of Your eye. How much You truly love me.

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