2/3/2010 - What Are You Really Accomplishing? Exodus 18:14
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 What Are You Really Accomplishing?

SCRIPTURE: Exodus 18:14 When Moses’ father-in-law saw all that Moses was doing for the people, he asked, “What are you really accomplishing here? Why are you trying to do all this alone while everyone stands around you from morning till evening?”

OBSERVATION: "What are you really accomplishing here?" is a great question to ask of ourselves very regularly. Moses had a firm sense of what needed to be done: the people needed their disputes resolved. He also had a method for dealing with the problem: bring the dispute to me and I will tell you who is right. The problem was that his solution wasn't really solving the problem. He was only one person and there were too many who needed his counsel.

How often do we keep doing what we have been doing not because it is effective--not because it is accomplishing what needs to be done, but because we have simply fallen in the habit of doing it. This is a danger in how we deal with our kids, fulfill our ministry or do our jobs. We don't need to wait for a Jethro to show up and challenge us, we can ask ourselves; "What am I really accomplishing"? If what we are doing is not effective, we can find a new way of doing it.

If we read on, we discover what Jethro gave Moses some simple but profound advice; only do what only you can do and train others to do what they can do well for you. In order for us to be effective, our lives need to be focused on the unique contribution that only we can make. There are some things that we can do uniquely well, things that God has created us specifically to do. If we focus on those things then we will be much more effective.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: I know that no one can take my place as the father to my kids and the husband to my wife. I know that God has created me to be the pastor of the church I lead. Even in that position, I need to recognize that there are some things I am created to do well and some things that I need to train and release others to do--things that they are created to do.

 Lord, thank You for what You have created me to be and to do. Thank You for the unique gifts, callings and responsibilities You have given me. Help me not to take on, through guilt, pressure or a mistaken sense of responsibility those commitments that You have for others to fulfill.

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