2/5/2010 - The Seductive Power of Flattery Proverbs 7:21
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The Seductive Power of Flattery

SCRIPTURE: Prov. 7:21 So she seduced him with her pretty speech and enticed him with her flattery.

In my observation and counseling it seems that what entices men into affairs is often flattery. It is built into everyone of us to want to hear that we are "so wonderful". It seems more true of men than of women. What we want is to believe that we have no need of change, that we are "just fine" the way we are. Our wives are usually not accommodating enough to entertain such a fantasy. Living with us day in and day out, they are only too aware of our failings and areas that need change.

Men, knowing this, we must guard are hearts against the seductress that would play on this desire and pull us into a relationship that will destroy us. We have to remember that it is healthy to have to face our weaknesses. It is a good thing to be pressed to continue to grow and change. As it says elsewhere in Proverbs; "as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."

We may not like the fact that our wives point out our flaws, but they are being true friends when they do and we are giving into our immature impulses when we opt for someone who can't see them or is unwilling to point them out. The end of that road is utter destruction.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: I find myself reacting in anger, at times, when my wife gently points out areas in my life that need growth. I need to rejoice in the fact that she is honest with me and not a flatterer. I need to be thankful that God has given me a life partner that will help make me a better person. This attitude of thankfulness will save me from the flattering seductress.

 Lord, please warn me when I am even getting close to listening to the flattery that will pull me astray. I want to remain faithful to my wife. Keep me safe from every temptation that would injure my marriage and destroy my family.

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