2/6/2010 - The Hard Times Are Only Seasonal Psalms 30:5
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The Hard Times Are Only Seasonal

SCRIPTURE: Psa. 30:5b Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.

OBSERVATION: When we are in a painful time in our life it seems like, if feels like, it will last forever. The truth we must hold on to and not let slip away is that just a surely as night follows day and spring follows winter, if we can hold on, joy will come. No season of hardness is permanent. It is only a season.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: I must never give into the false state of mind that says; "this is how things will always be". Joy comes in the morning--that is something to hold onto in the hard times.

 Lord, thank You that You bring joy in the hardness and that You give hope in the hard times. Never let me despair. Remind me that morning is coming.

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