2/7/2010 - Jewels In The Drawer Proverbs 8:11
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Jewels In The Drawer

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 8:11 For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies.  Nothing you desire can compare with it.

OBSERVATION: There are so many things we "desire". We forget the comparative value of wisdom. Wisdom brings wealth. Wisdom brings satisfaction in life. Wisdom keeps us safe. Wisdom makes our relationships run well. Wisdom gives us direction. Truly, nothing can compare with it.

How often, though, do we pursue everything except wisdom. How much time do we really spend trying to become wise? Imagine how we would act if there were rubies to be found in our desk drawer. Nothing could keep us from looking for them and grabbing a hold of them. Yet, in this book (Proverbs) there is wisdom that is worth more than jewels and yet we neglect looking for it day after day.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: I know that for me, it is easy to allow my mind to pursue entertainment rather than wisdom. My mind wants to be lazy and flaccid. The pursuit of wisdom requires commitment and work and no one will ever demand that I do it. I have to motivate myself to continue the search. It's not easy, but it is worth it.

PRAYER: Lord, You have so much wisdom for me. I want to be wise in the way I deal with my family, my ministry, and my friends. Please give me the strength to find the wisdom that You offer. Remind me that it is more valuable than rubies.

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