2/13/2010 - What You Praise Is What You Trust Psalms 34:1-2
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A Life Of Praise

SCRIPTURE: Ps. 34:1-2a I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak his praises. 2 I will boast only in the Lord;

 Perhaps the reason that we get so bogged down in the petty problems and dramas of life is because we are not doing what this verse advises; constantly praising God. It is not that we can not find things to praise Him for; we are on our way to heaven, we have been given another day to serve Him, He loves us and deeply cares for us, He has written a love letter (the Bible) to encourage and direct us, it is simply that our minds get consumed with everything else.

We must be careful what we boast about, what you praise, because that reflects what we have put our trust in. We boast of our own abilities or resources and when we do we are training ourselves to trust in those things to take care of us. When we boast in the Lord we are reminding ourselves that He alone can and will provide for our deepest needs.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: I must admit that sometimes the stuff of life takes away my joy and robs me of praise. I must remember to constantly tell of all that He has done--then my confidence, my emotions and my outlook will be based on His greatness instead of my perceived lack.

 Lord forgive me for the times that I have substituted worry and complaints for praise. You have done great things and I want to, by Your grace, to live a life of praise.

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