2/19/2010 - Holy Priesthood, Robin! Leviticus 8:23
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Holy Priesthood, Robin!

SCRIPTURE: Leviticus 8:23 and Moses slaughtered it. Then Moses took some of its blood and applied it to the lobe of Aaron’s right ear, the thumb of his right hand, and the big toe of his right foot.

In the Pre-Christ way of doing things, the blood of animals brought redemption and sanctification. Here you see that blood applied to the ear, thumb and big toe of the priest. Priests were to be those who stood before God on behalf of the people and before the people on behalf of God. They had the previledge of personally interacting with Him and, because of that previledge, a higher responsibility. 

After Jesus, we all all called to this office of priestly intercession. We are supposed to bring people to God and we are supposed to bring an understanding of God to people. Therefore, we also have a higher responsibility.

The reason God had Moses anoint their ear, thumb and big toe is because signified being sanctified, set apart in what they listened to, what they did and where they went. It is the same for us. If we are going to take on the awesome responsibility of a priest before God, we need to apply the sanctifying blood of Jesus to what we listen to, what we do and where we go. We need to see ourselves as set aside in each of those areas for God's purposes alone. We can not be a sanctified priest or priestess and live in an unsanctified way.

APPLICATION/CONFESSION: The rebellious spirit that wants to arise in me says; "I'll do what I want to do when I want to do it and God can't tell me otherwise." If I want to minister on behalf of God--and I have given my life for that purpose--I can not give place to this rebellious spirit.

PRAYER: Lord, take my ears (and my mouth), my hands and my feet. They are Yours. Sanctify them for Your use, not mine and warn me when I am taking them back out of rebellion to You. Give me the grace to live as a set-apart priest of Yours.

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