8/21/2009 - You Have Got To Work For It Proverbs 21:25-26
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You Have Got To Work For It


REFERENCE: Proverbs 21:25-26 Despite their desires, the lazy will come to ruin, for their hands refuse to work. 26 Some people are always greedy for more, but the godly love to give!


Observation: Some Christians believe that all we have to do is pray and believe and God will give us anything we want. Here is the truth; God expects us to work, to not be lazy.

If we want our marriages to be good, we will have to work at them. If we want to have money for retirement, we will have to work for it. We all have desires. To see them done God expects us to obey Him and work for their fulfillment.

The other key is deal with greed by generous giving. Greed has the power to destroy us. It keeps us from enjoying what we have and puts us on a perpetual treadmill, always running after more. Giving breaks that mentality. Giving is a statement that we already are blessed. Giving reminds us that it is all God's stuff anyway and we don't have to try to hoard more and more. Giving simply brings joy into our lives.


Application/Confession: I want to give more. Recently I have seen God bring real release into my financial situation. I am still looking for greater abundance but I also am in a situation where I can give a little more--and I will!! I am excited to be able to do it.


PRAYER: Beyond my tithe, Lord, show me how much, to whom and when to give of the blessings You have given me.

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